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    Was wondering if anyone here as any information on this topic.

    As is seen in many places (online), the kevorim of Mordechai and Esther are in Hamadan, Iran.
    Why were Mordechai and Esther buried together? Why wasn’t she buried with Achashvarosh in some royal cemetery of Persian kings and queens?

    When learning Iranian History in school, is Achashvarosh mentioned? In western history books, what is he called? I don’t think in Encyclopedia Brittanica there is a listing for Achashvarosh.

    Sam Klein

    Just recently in the last few Years Israel has been getting closer and closer to an agreement with Iran to transfer their kevorim from Iran and rebury them in Israel after thousands of years but now their still in Iran and no deal has been completed yet.

    Hopefully with serious Teshuva and Achdus together Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov and they will both Have Techiyas Hameisim together with the rest of klal yisroel and come alive to Israel Bkarov


    King’s English name was Xerxes or Artaxerxes. Greeks might call him Xerox – because he was always copying other people’s ideas and spending OPM (other people’s money – see taxes). That is why we praise Esther for quoting bshem amro rather than xeroxing without attribution.


    Apparently there is a site in Israel that claims to be Mordechai and Ester in Yaar Baaram or something like that.


    more purim shailohs

    Did Achashverosh call himself Xerxes 1?

    Was it ayn hara to call a war “world war one”?

    Why are kevuros of Shmuel Alef and Shmuel Beis in different places?

    Why is Sinwar 50 amot down, while Aman was 50 amot up? Olam afuch

    Whose son got a PhD? Chofetz Chaim, Rav Salanter, Rav Henkin, Rav Kotler,or Rav Soloveichik?


    As my Ruv/Historian says, “When Moshiach comes we’re going to be very surprised whose grave we were Davening at.”
    Many of these places weren’t noted as the grave of an important person until centuries later. As rightwriter said about Mordecai and Esther. How can there be such a dispute about them? Iran & Israel are not close. Surely we’d have a strong Mesorah (even without an exact location) whether they were buried in Persia or brought to E”Y for kevurah.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Why were Mordechai and Esther buried together? Why wasn’t she buried with Achashvarosh in some royal cemetery of Persian kings and queens?”

    Maybe achashveirosh died first and she told daryavesh to bury her next to Mordechai

    anonymous Jew

    WW1 was called the Great War until WW2 started


    AAQ: The Chofetz Chaim and R’ Soloveichik had sons who had PhDs. R’ Henkin had a son with a doctorate-level degree, but it was in Law, so it was an LL.D. not a PhD.


    The Lita had something along the lines of 60% OTD, the Chazon Ish once told Rav Shalom Shvardon the reason was because there was torah but no joy,


    Achashveirosh did indeed die first. In fact, he died a year after the whole Purim story. He reigned for 18 years.

    If she is the famous Atosa, thereby shuffling some names, she did indeed outlive her husband and lived on to a powerful career.


    Anon, right answer! DaMoshe B+ on a harder question. Also r Salanter. R Kotler is the one not like others.

    Common and Besht attack litvishe rabonim for not having fun, fathering phds and otds. I didn’t study whether these two degrees have correlation or causation or neither. Chofetz Chaim blamed the Times: whwhis daughter asked for a brocha to have kosher children, he gave her one to have many children.



    There is no LLD in law, it is a JD (Juris Doctor) which I hold.
    Prior to 1961 most US law degrees were LLB

    American law is the only discipline where a masters degree LLM is higher than the doctorate JD.

    Rav Henkin’s other son:Dr. Hillel Henkin PHd was head of the Bureau of Jewish Education in New Haven when I was growing up. He wrote many of our textbooks, workbooks and the curriculum for all Hebrew schools in the community. Dr. Hillel’s wife went to Hunter College with my mother in the early 40s, and was my Hebrew /religion teacher for 5 years.


    CTLAWYER: Maybe the degrees changed with time? I don’t know about that, but I do know that on Columbia’s site, it says “Henkin received a B.A. from Yeshiva University, an LL.B. from Harvard University, an L.H.D. from Yeshiva University, and an LL.D. from Columbia University. He also received an honorary J.D. from Brooklyn Law.”


    On Columbia Law Schools website the LLD does not exist.
    This does not mean that the University could not have issued an honorary degrees that cannot be earned I. Real life


    CTLAWYER: maybe they don’t offer it anymore, but they did when he earned it.
    This argument doesn’t really accomplish anything, so I’m going to stop here.


    DaMoshe> doesn’t really accomplish anything

    The real question is how could Rav go against gedolim who say college is avodah zorah and how did he find a shidduch and a job after that!?

    I also heard someone asking a question – how did Mir yeshiva disregarded daas Torah of r Ozer Grozdinski?
    (R Ozer did not think Mir should take a risky trip through USSR).


    Please note that the site of Shushan (Susa) is in eastern Iraq, not in Iran.


    I don’t think it is in Iraq. Check 32°11′26″N 48°15′28″E.

    Shushan was taken over by Persians not long before Megilat Esther. Alexander had a mass wedding of his army at Shushan – including his own to the daughter of Darius he fought against – to Persian ladies, following on good old Ahashverosh traditions of debauchery

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