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    Inside the court: Arabs humiliated an ultra-orthodox youth – and were arrested
    Three residents of East Jerusalem were arrested on suspicion of humiliating an ultra-orthodox youth within the walls of the court in Beit Shemesh – filmed and distributed on the “TikTok” network | According to the suspicion, the acts were carried out with a nationalist motive.

    Avi Gadalovich, Behadrei, 20 Kislev, 5783 12/14/2022

    Pulling his peyos…


    There was just another case recently:
    בושה והשפלה: ערבים תקפו בחור ישיבה ומשכו בפאותיו בירושלים

    בחור ישיבה הלומד בישיבת עטרת כהנים בעיר העתיקה בירושלים הותקף בידי חבורת ערבים אשר משכו בפאותיו וקיללו אותו – עו”ד חיים בלייכר: “תקיפה אנטישמית ומשפילה של יהודי בידי קבוצת פורעים המצטרפת לאירועים אנטישמים חמורים”

    חיים טוויל, ה’ טבת התשפ”ג / 29.12.2022.

    Shame and humiliation: Arabs attacked a yeshiva boy and pulled his sideburns in Jerusalem

    A yeshiva student studying at the Aterat Kohanim Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem was attacked by a group of Arabs who pulled his sideburns and cursed him – Advocate Haim Bleicher: “An anti-Semitic and humiliating attack on a Jew by a group of rioters who join in serious anti-Semitic events.”

    efshar azoi

    see Rav Gedalia Schorr’s peice on Shemos perek aleph , pasuk vyakam melech chadash…

    hashem says no

    Guys me must start a hachnasos Sefer toirehh in the coourt next tyme.

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