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    there’s quite a few shiurim of Rov Mendel Kessin stating that since techiyas hameisim would last 210-214 years, that is before we reach year 6000 (according to a Zohar), moshiach ben dovid must come by secular year 2030, this giving moshiach ben yoisef a little time to do his part… I’m not saying I don’t want moshiach to come, may he come speedily in our days, but since there are some interesting people out here i wondered what were your opinions
    Gut Shabbes

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    Rav amnon Yitzchak had some interesting predictions how the world will (is) turning out (he said it before Covid) and he said it was going to be between 2022 and 2030

    Just btw the Gemara says moshiach is coming motzei sheviis so that could be 2030


    I sure hope that Moshiach will come well before 2030.
    Regarding your calculations, though, keep in mind that we don’t really know what year we’re currently in. We assume it’s 5782, but according to some opinions we may be off by a hundred years or so.


    Moshiach is coming THIS year.

    Reb Eliezer

    There is forty years between the coming of moshiach and techiyas hamesim but what comes after techiyas hamesim?

    Reb Eliezer

    Look at the Ramban that each day if creation is a thousand years, so moshiach will come when Adam Harishon was created in the 5th millennium. The Chasam Sofer says that the time was ripe but we were not worthy.


    Daven for Moshich! May he come very soon


    I dont know about the moshiach part and 2030, i do know that you will run out fake user names by 2030


    When we start to wake ourselves up from living in denial and START FACING REALITY OF ACCEPTING HASHEMS OPEN WAKE UP CALLS FOR SERIOUS TESHUVA AND ACHDUS then Hashem will consider us as one loving nation together all doing our hishtadlus to help bring the coming of Mashiach right away.

    Until then we can’t just sit around and at the same time expect Mashiach to come with the Geula Shleima.

    Im praying we will finally wake ourselves up from denial and face Reality cause Honestly there’s absolutely no reason klal yisroel has to go through so much suffering of horrific tragedies when it can be completely avoided if we begged forgiveness from our loving father Hashem waiting for our serious teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation


    In the Zohar it says that since we were in mitzrayim for 210 years, Hashem will deduct 210 from 6000, and moshiach will therefore come in 5790


    When I told my mother that, she said that’s so interesting because the global “elites” working for the other side, also consider 2030 to be an important year by which their objectives will be accomplished.


    It’s worth noting that Rav Yehuda Fetaya zatza”l, the famous mekubal from Bavel who passed away in 1940s in Eretz Yisrael, writes (in his Sefer Minchat Yehuda) that the years of Moshiach don’t count in the cheshbon.

    There will be 6000 years that the world will exist normally; the seventh year will be a shabbos, where the world will be spiritual (see there where he describes the process in depth); and in between will be the period of Moshiach, which could taken an indefinite period of time.

    He compares it to Aliyos of Shabbos.
    As he writes it, we can have 6 aliyos, then a whole bunch of “acharon” additional aliyos stuck in there, and then the “seventh” aliyah.
    The fact that additional aliyos were inserted doesn’t change the makeup of the 7 aliyos.
    He says it will be the same regarding moshiach; the years of moshiach don’t fit in to the normal 7000 year plan we are used to hearing about.

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    Welcome back

    Where in the Zohar does it say that?

    If he does say that why were people expecting moshiach before


    CA- thanks!

    the Zohar (Midrash Ne’elam – Toldot 140a), and the “Leshem Shevo v’Achlamah”(Drushei Olam HaTohu, 2:4:12:9-12)

    Moshiach can come any day we are zoche as Eliyahu Hanavi told Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi he’ll come- hayom (Im tishma bkolo). These are dates that if it didn’t happen before, are auspicious based on their timing or where the world will be at etc. To me what’s special about the Zohar , is that it lists other times that have come true, such as “the opening of the waters (wisdoms) of below and above” that happened at the time of the revelation of Chassidus/ the industrial revolution, if you know what I’m referring to (happy to elaborate if not)

    Also does the whole 6000 thing come from the Zohar as well or is it gemara? Regardless, it gives me hope that the next few years leading up to and including 5790 are especially potent times for moshiach to come.


    Hi, Cs!

    Avodah Zarah 9a. Tana dvei Eliyahu as well.


    Moshiach will come before the year is out. That’s what every Yid should believe as we say every day in Yigdal and Ani Ma’amim. Whenever Rav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L was asked a question about some secular event in the future, he always would say not to worry about it because Moshiach will come by then.

    We should be perpetually disappointed every day that Moshiach does not come.


    “Those who say, don’t know
    Those who know, don’t say”


    Hi nomesora and thanks!

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