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    Zogby Poll: 75% say China top U.S. economic rival

    Americans overwhelmingly believe China is the chief economic rival of the U.S. and more than maxidas ds708 half view China as an economic threat, a new UPI/Zogby Interactive poll shows.

    Given a list of countries, Us residents overwhelmingly said (75%) China is the chief economic rival of the U.S., with Japan coming in a distant second at 14%. Sixty percent of Americans said they view China as an economic threat to the U.S., while 22% believe China is a threat to U.S. national security. Just 6% said they would describe China as an economic partner and an ally.

    The survey, conducted nationwide from May 16-18, 2007, included 5,141 adult online respondents and carries a margin of error of +/- 1.4 percentage points.

    While nearly half of Us citizens (44%) believe U.S. relations with China have remained about the same since 2000, 28% believe relations between the two countries have worsened, and 19% believe relations have improved. Nearly two in three (64%) give President Bush poor performance marks for his handling of relations with China.

    More than half of Americans (55%)


    these statistics are outdated… they are from 2007


    Yes, China and India will surpass the US in two generations. America is now a land of government handouts – and this would never have happened had FDR yemach shmo allowed Jews to enter the US before WW2. The influx of industrious, intelligent immigrants would have caused an economic boom, which their descendants would have continued to manage. The only reason EY is no longer a third world country is because of the Soviet influx – EY outsmarted America as most of the Jews who left the Soviet Union would have preferred America, but deals were made to get them to EY.

    Now, you have smart Jews getting junk manufactured in the Far East to sell to poorer and poorer Americans who can no longer afford goods made in America or Europe.

    Even my new Vise-Grip plier, which is so much an American invention that it is called plier amerikai in Ivrit, is made in China. I knew it wasn’t the same quality as the ones I bought a couple of decades ago.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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