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    How do you rest after birth? Do you go to a mother-baby home; such as Aim V’yeled, Telshe-Stone etc…


    Of course.The better care you get immediately after delivery,the shorter your recovery.And getting precious sleep and nourishing meals is so,so important.

    tomim tihye

    My own home, other kids away during the day.

    If it’s Yom Tov, we go to my parents.


    A lot of people I know don’t go to kimpeturin homes until after the 3rd child. But I guess it depends on what you can afford and if you can find babysitting for the rest.


    I rest in my own bed after birth. Nothing can beat it. True, I have to take care of my kids and run my house at the same time, but I’m not relaxed when I’m not in my own home. I would leave the hospital an hour after birth if they would let me just so I can get back to my family.

    not I

    If you go to Eim v’yeled after the first you will be the youngest one there, probably. Most ppl go to their mothers after the first and some even second! Not an option by me!


    I always went to my parents, O”H. They lived five minutes away, so my husband could easily go from house to house if he needed something. my mom was wonderful, and I will always be makiras hatov for her endless patience in our upsetting their household for a month (yes, a month). My folks really wanted us to be with them, and I needed the extra hands with my kids. I had three kids, 4 years of age or younger (the oldest actually turned four the day his younger sister was born, and one of them was an 18 month old at home, also), and it was very hectic. Then I had two more kids. Lest you think I was merely a taker, we repaid the favor by always getting the house ready for Pesach for them, by running errands for my mom, who didn’t drive, by sharing the cooking, table setting, serving and cleanup for the shabbosim and yomim tovim we were there, and by making sure the kids did not disturb them from sleeping on Shabbos afternoons. I never left an unmade bed or toys scattered around, by them, either. it was a bracha for me that my mom could help take care of me, as well as of my family, and I will never forget that. I enjoy doing the same for my children, but they are not always in need of actually staying by us.


    I would much rather stay at home and the kids go off to school! well, that’s what I’ve always done. I keep saying ‘maybe for the next one’! My friends who have been all say it’s the best thing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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