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    Is it possible to live a complete torah life and watch movies once in a while as an outlet?


    There are a few Kosher movies out there. Why not stick to those? (The Brave Little Toaster was an excellent, excellent movie, for example.)


    it is possible to watch movies and still be shomer torah umitzvos, if that’s what you’re asking. I know lots of people who do it.

    If you watch them all the time, movies can be bittul zman. Also, lots of modern movies are untznius or violent.

    Therefore, as long as you don’t watch too many movies, and are makpid to only watch good, clean movies, you’re good.


    I should think so, especially if you stick to only the tame stuff. Nothing really inappropriate.

    I heard there’s this movie filter thing called ClearPlay, but I do not know how exactly it works.


    I’m not into these things, not so familiar, but I thing most movies are (were) OK. The problem is with videos. Were there any violent or inappropriate movies – I’m referring to the “movies”, where you had to load the reels on the machine, close the lights, have the flimsy thing flicker away at 6.5 frames a second… I think those were mostly OK. No?


    My question is, how could watching help me serve Hashem better? If it can, then I’m sure watching such a film is okay. Otherwise, I’m just trying to rationalize it, because I’m not ready/willing to give up watching films.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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