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    Hi to all yidden. we want to relocate from yerushalaim to Cleveland becuse we cannot afford to stay in israel. anyone with any insights about jobs , housing shuls in Cleveland would be greatly appreciated! trying to find a house but dont know which blocks have yidden and which are bad blocks ; which shuls are regular ultra orthodox etc. bekitzur and and all insider info about the heimishe Cleveland kehilla would be greatly apprciated! MLE Jerusalem isl Israel


    Did you look into the Halacha whether it is permissible or not to move out of Eretz Yisroel?


    Beechwood is the spot! Its getting and tons of Jews are moving there so supply is short. The demographic is like 98% Jewish which is really cool.

    I have friends there and will give you a more detailed report after I ask them your questions.

    If you are interested I can post a contact for a frum real estate agent I know.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I don’t see a point

    Moshiach could be around the corner

    Why would you move out of Israel just to move there again

    You want to fly כנפי נשרים airlines?


    If you know so little about Cleveland , have so few contacts there and apparently no job waiting for you there that you need to ask about all this online before moving why are you limiting yourself to Cleveland?


    Jerusalem has a better basketball team.


    Cleveland is nice, but why don’t you look into Baltimore?
    Also I really don’t think you should make any decisions about moving anywhere without visiting for a week or 2 to check everything out in person.
    I also agree with the people who say you should stay where you are.


    Another Ohio or Bust, because of open carry and tuition vouchers?


    @BaltimoreMaven, Isn’t the cost of hosing higher in Baltimore? Isn’t there alot of crime and bad neighborhoods on Baltimore? I have even heard reports of car jackings. And doesn’t Cleveland offer school vouchers?

    , what are your skill sets in terms of jobs? If you have skills to work in a secular environment you may able to obtain remote work and not limited to on city. If on the other hand, you are an esrog dealer for example then you need in person jobs.


    compared to other places in usa, cleveland has affordable housing and jewish education (and people from cleveland are much nicer than other jewish areas in usa) but if you cannot make it in jerusalem, you wont find it easier in cleveland. unless you have an advanced degree, there are no jobs at all in cleveland.


    Why would anyone move to a place where snow & freezing temps is a daily occurrence much of the year?


    You might get more helpful responses at the DansDeals forums.

    Mods, if you will not allow a reference to an external website, please e-mail OP with that suggestion.


    This is confusing because I don’t want to make everything seem hopeless. But Cleveland is in a place called “the rust belt”. In a country where 99% of the counties is classified as “unaffordable” for buying a house. And after inflation, 66-75% of people are a hard time making ends meet, and personal debt is skyrocketing. (every week we have a new article).
    Everyones situation is different, and everything, but I don’t know where this myth that money grows on trees in the US comes from. And Cleveland has muslims too.


    contact telshe yeshiva they will help you as much as possible Hatzlacha


    It’s unfortunate you cannot find your place in E”Y. It’s true Jerusalem is expensive. But there are so many other communities. You should really consider them before taken such a drastic step. When you add the cost of children’s education and health care, the US is not that much cheaper than Israel.


    Cleveland you either need to be a professional or part of a well-connected nursing home family.


    Having lived in Cleveland for 30 years it’s amazing to watch the tremendous growth of the Cleveland Community. There are two basic neighborhoods Beachwood/ Univ Hts & Cleveland Heights.
    Both are growing and both have positives and negatives with manyJewish streets. A couple things…there are not a lot of Heimish or even Jewish owned businesses here…so you cannot rely on that for parnossah…the people that do well moving here are professionals…who have careers and want to take advantage of the lower cost of living.One Individual came and started a successful bagel place….Also because of the success the schools are getting very crowded…I suggest you really make a careful chesbon to insure success wherever you go.that being said it’s a truly great community and I hope it works out for you.


    etrog101- google gesher cleveland and you’ll find their website. They are an organization that helps with jobs, housing, government programs etc. so they should be able to help you.
    There’s a lot of info and I’m not sure if the coffee room is the place to give over that info. The best thing is to ask someone who lives in cleveland and they can tell you more info, (for example, they can tell you which neighborhood is right for you, which blocks are the better blocks, if cleveland is a right fit for you, schools, shuls etc).

    ☕️coffee addict

    I’m surprised commonsaychel hasn’t said anything about trolls

    So I’ll say it

    Anywhere is affordable if you live under a bridge


    I think OH has vouchers, so that should have positive impact on school cost and, hopefully, quality.

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