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    I have been looking for a job for the past 3 months and can’t seem to find one. I was thinking about moving to the midwest where maybe I’d have a better chance at finding something. I wonder if the job situation is the same over there as it is here..

    shmoolik 1

    How about going home to Eretz Yisroel they need good hard working people


    I know of a job for which there is a significant shortage of applicants. This job offers a solid middle class income and does not require a college degree, nor does it require living in a particular place. One of my oldest friends from yeshiva has had this job for forty years and has put his sons and daughters through yeshivas and seminaries and has made fine shidduchim for all of them.

    No, it’s not Amway. The job is over-the-road truck drivers. Motor freight is still a growing industry and there is a serious shortage of drivers. Freight companies are litterally begging for applicants, either as company drivers or owner/operators.

    Yes, there is a down side being that a driver is away from home for days at a time and the job is, lets face it, not as safe as sitting behind a desk. On the other hand, the apy is pretty good and there is an opportunity for starting one’s own business.


    There are tons of jobs, from what I understand, in North Dakota due to the booming oil business there. The jobs allegedly vary from office, management, drivers, laborers, technicians, etc.

    Hatzlacha in your job seeking!!


    Ralph- I’d love to drive to far off places for a living. Office work is not for me. Any companies in particular are you speaking of?

    BT- would a frum person be able to do that?


    There are Frum jews who are Truck Drivers?


    Lemony, my good friend is as frum as they come hand he’s been doing it for forty years.


    I hear there is an opening very soon in a beautiful office in Washington D.C. 🙂



    No, there are no frum truck drivers. There are some truck drivers who would be considered frum if not for their choice of job, though. They keep kosher, keep shabbos, and in fact keep all of Torah and Mitzvos but unfortunately chose to do a job that frum jews “do not do”.

    Hold your tomatoes, I’m being as sarcastic as I can.


    The Agudah would fight for your rights to have shabbos and yom tov off.

    DC area has great job prospects since the federal govt is doing so much hiring. Much lower unemployment rate.

    Health care is a great industry to get into.


    I live in the Midwest and would be happy to look around for you for a job, but I need to know what your field is and what line of work you are interested in. I am not certain how to get a line of communication with you since our ID’s are protected in the CR. I have helped others re-work their resumes to be more attractive for employers and if there is a way for us to communicate directly, I would be happy to do the same for you. Also, where to live in the Midwest depends on the age of your children and what kind of Chinuch you want for them. For example, Chicago and St. Louis have many more Chinuch options than Cincinnati and Indianapolis, but have certain disadvantages as well. I wish you Hatzlocho Rabboh – if I can be of help, please let me know.


    My field is finance, no children. I’d like to talk to you about it but I’m not really sure how we can communicate..

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