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    You get into issues of whether you can rely on bitul hametz before Pesach le chatchila. Many Sephardim allow it, but not Ashkenazim, which is why such a proposal would probably be unrealistic.


    “Rav Schachter (along with a sizable chunk of other Rabbonim) holds that gluten content is what makes something Chametz.”

    1)I think this is worded poorly and you really do not mean what this says. If gluten content makes something chometz, then by default all kosher lipesach matza would be gluten free and those with Celiac would have no problems on Pesach. What did you really mean?

    2)Besides Rav Shachter, who are some of the other Rabbonim that belong to this sizeable chunk?


    How does one know what Rabbi Adadi says and what people say in his name.


    MDG –

    He has a couple of teshuva seforim, here’s one:

    Also, the website does generally reflect his views.


    apushatayid: Yes, I obviously meant that gluten content gives something the ability to become Chametz if it is left to leaven. A bunch of Rabbanim in Eretz Yisrael hold that way (I think I heard that R’ Zalman Nechemya Goldberg does) and I think Kehati mentions it in the beginning of Challah and quotes a chunk of Rabbanim who said it.

    Jersey Jew

    This is shtusim v’havolim.

    These items need reliable hashgocha i.e., the OU etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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