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    Why do we need stories like these to start to daven?

    Itamar settlement: Terrorist murders 5 family members

    Five family members were found murdered in their residence in the West Bank Itamar settlement Friday overnight, after a suspected terrorist broke and entered the house and stabbed the five to death. Two children managed to escape and survived the attack, Army Radio reported.

    A Magen David Adom team that arrived at the scene at 1:00 a.m. announced a couple, their 11-year old child, 3-year-old toddler, and a one-month baby girl dead from stabbing wounds.

    i said so

    guys its time to do some tshuva

    as it says ????? ????? ????? ??????? ?? ???? ??????

    we need hashems rachmunus n hopefully mashiach is on its way!


    no words just tears…what else do we need to go through before moshiach comes?


    what we need right now is a few well placed bullets in the terrorists heads


    Kahana Tzadak!

    (for real)


    It is sickening how this happened. And it is sickening how Israel has forsaken G-ds Torah.

    Shabbat is trampled under foot. The laws of Niddah are ignored. Kashrut is a joke. Abortion happens all the time…the butchering of innocent babies. And the list goes on and on and on..

    So as I moan for the pain of the pure family, I also moan for the the Pain Hashem is going through.


    Emunah is the crux, we need to get close to Hashem. One needs to ask not what we want, but to do Hashems will.


    Whose fault? The terrorist-murderers, of course! May they be brought to justice, and soon.


    It’s also the leftist PC thugs who force Israel to remove vital checkpoints. Ehud Barak and Co have Jewish blood on their hands due to their stupidity and blindness so the yishmaeli savages can walk freely and murder. They unfortunately never seem to learn the lesson: The more you give in to the arab animals, the more they’ll kill. HY’D!

    Kahana Tzodek!

    always here

    to jewishness: as you have copied your response from a similar thread(why all the pain)This is a tragedy that shakes up most normal people without the need for being Motzie shem Ra on people in Eretz Yisroel here was my reponse in that thread

    You have no right to insult Hashems people whether they live here or in eretz yisroel in such a blanket manner

    TO JEWISHNESS: Eretz Yisroel has the highest amount of people that keep kosher, learn Torah, keep Taharas Hamishpacha (even the most the most chiloni goes to mikva at least once before getting married)and the Rishaim in the government even though they are pushing for cut-backs are the biggest supporters of Torah learning in the world.We cannot subscribe reason to Hashem meting out punishment, perhaps it was even due to sins by people in america as in the internet age we are very keenly and immediately effected by this tragedy. Do not cast aspersions and certainly you have no right to say all the leaders are Rishaim. Need I remind you there are Rabbonim and others who are part of the political process. I am not burying my head in the sand, yes there are problems in Eretz Yisroel but there are problems everywhere.We should Daven that in the Zechus of all the right things going on in Eretz Yisroel Hashem should protect his children and lead us into doing and helping us accomplish teshuva and bring our geula bimhera.


    The murderers’ who else?


    “Murder in Itamar ~~~~ whose fault?”

    The murderer(s).

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