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    why ask

    am i allowed to listen to music just to waste time


    If your a boy, prob not cuz bitul Torah. If your a girl, my opinion would be that if its not for an extended period of time and you’re not throwing off responsibility… Why not!


    Boys and girls both can, if u waste time writing to the coffee room u 4sure can waste time listening to music.


    Why ask

    Technically any time wasted is bittul Torah if you are a man. However most people today are challenged in the area of using time wisely. I will tell you that when you are learning or davening be careful to maximize that time. However a person is allowed and must have time to recharge and relax. You aren’t a machine. If you truly feel that you waste hours a day then you have a problem but if you truly need to listen to music for an hour a day to feel healthy and sane it’s probably a mitzvah to do so. Hashem doesn’t want depressed Jews.

    Kul tuv


    Hashem doesn’t either want lazy people sitting around all day with headphones in!

    All in moderation, me friends!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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