Music during the 3 weeks – upbeat a capella vs. slow, sad instrumental?

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    I’m new at this, so bear with me. I’m young, and not so educated in the halachot of the 3 weeks. I come from a community where most people won’t listen to recorded music during the 3 weeks, but if someone my age (late teens) says “i do listen to recorded (even instrumental) music during the 3 weeks” it’s not unheard of or absurd – lots of people do that.

    My question is, I know that most opinions hold that any music with instruments may not be listened to, and I go by an opinion that holds that a capella is okay to listen to.

    However, most of the a capella music that I’ve found is very much upbeat and happy-sounding, and it does not seem appropriate for the 3 weeks to me.

    What I’d really like to listen to is calm, quiet, somber but beautiful music that has instruments, but to me sounds much more appropriate for the 3 weeks.

    I don’t know which rabbis made these restrictions, but it does not make sense to me to ban instrumental music and not a capella music, rather, it would make sense to me to say that upbeat/happy-sounding music is not appropriate, but soft, somber music is okay.

    Any insights on this topic?



    About every imaginable combination of Minhagim exists for what to do with music during the 3 weeks and S’fira. We don’t pick and choose Minhagim. Ask your father or your Rav what your Minhag is and be happy following that.

    (Of course if your Minhag permits listening to any a capella but you don’t want to there is no obligation to. However, if your Minhag is to Asser any recorded music, even slow and heartfelt, then you cannot listen to that type of music just because it feels appropriate for this time. There are other branches of Judaism that do things based on what “feels” proper. Orthodoxy isn’t one of them. My advice would be to skim through all of your a capella music and make yourself a playlist/CD of slow a capella songs that you think will inspire you during this time.)


    I understand. Thank you.


    music is music

    with or without instruments

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    That’s exactly what I do, I have a playlist of the acapela songs that I feel are appropriate. Most of my songs are from Miami’s Around the Campfire and Avrami Flam’s Songs of the 3 Weeks. I have friends who record their own acapela music as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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