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    Wedding music, live or tracks? Is it such a bad idea not to bring in a live band or know singer? Are photos not enough keepsake is video recording really necessary? Does anyone even watch the video after the wedding? If you had to choose between photographer, music, or video which is most important?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    One man band. Bad idea to put on recorded music.

    Yes, people watch the video.

    If I could choose only one, I’d pick the music.

    Mazel tov!


    Why is recorded music bad idea? I get it that live band or singer makes an impression and enlivens it more, but then you are limited to one voice and certain songs. With recorded you can have a variety of popular songs and lively music with the actual voice of the original singer. Once the real dancing begins you probably want the best music you can get. I guess a one man band who can turn into a DJ after and switch tracks would work best. Does getting a famous singer work against you? Does the focus shift to them rather than the chosson and kallah?

    People probably do watch the video but I’m sure the most interesting part is the chuppah. Dancing is nice, but when you are actually there. The videos almost never justify the real simcha as experienced in person. So I really wonder if it’s viewed more than once.

    So you choose music. Makes sense I guess video is out if you don’t have music so really it would have been between enjoying the moment and having a great simcha with no pictures like the olden days, or have pictures of chuppah and everything which you can cherish forever. Interesting choice.
    Btw these questions are not theoretical. Most people have all 3.


    Only hire a band if you trust them to control the volume.


    Music Yes, Video NO
    I married off two daughters in the past two years.
    We have live bands at both (NOT one man band). We also set a playlist of live music and recorded music to be played during specified band breaks,
    The contracts (which I wrote, that’s what lawyer’s do) specified that we got to control volume level. It listed one of my sons and one of my brothers as having authority to tell the band leader to adjust the volume and/or personally do so. There was a large monetary penalty in the contract for noncompliance. We wanted all guests to be able to hold conversations at their tables. They were joining in our simchos, NOT attending a concert.
    We did the video thing for the first two children’s weddings. Waste of money, never look at them anymore. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with video capability. We asked guests to upload their clips to a website and made a video collage that was sent to family who could not attend. Total cost less than $100.


    CT-“We did the video thing for the first two children’s weddings. Waste of money, never look at them anymore.”
    -Thats what I was thinking

    “Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with video capability.”
    -Which makes it even less necessary nowadays to do video. I mean before smartphones its one thing even though you never really watch it, but nowadays its almost completely unnecessary. On the other hand for some reason it still feels hard to give it up for people maybe they feel they might regret not having video?
    In a way it also adds to the whole atmosphere of the simcha its sort of an illusion of a bigger production.

    But anyways I would say to have video for the chuppah, and pre/post chuppah (and other highlights). Also you can turn it into a nice clip which sums up the wedding and professional cameras and cameraman still beat smartphones. But the dancing is usually pointless to watch so for that smartphones are good enough.


    CTLAWYER, what would you advise us non-lawyers to do in order to protect ourselves from bands playing too loudly?

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