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    What is the reason there is so much fighting
    between us
    When brothers fight they fight harder than
    anyone ( heard from the mouth of R.Shimshon
    Pincus ztvkl


    There’s a rule in the world that Arabs follow the Jews, where ever Jews go.


    Loshenhora, don’t equate Jews fighting for survival to Muslims shedding of innocent blood.


    Similarities ATJ: Women completely subservient to men, polygamy accepted.
    Differences ATJ: Racial, bombs.


    Avraham our father never left yishmoel his
    Son any yerusha and maybe thats why the
    Muslims are so desperate to get their hands
    on Israel a tiny portion of the middle east
    When they own the vast majority of land in the


    In the Muslim bible it says ” there’s a rock behind you kill him” Muslims believe that the word rock is referring to a jew and just like we have a mitzva to destroy amalek, they have a mitzva to destroy Jews.

    For a Muslim being a suicide bomber. They feel like they have nothing to lose and 3 things to gain 1)they believe that they will go straight to heaven 2)they’re family
    gets life support from the PA government and3) they get to kill Jews.

    Bnei Yishmael-muslims, which includes iran, iraq, saudia arabia, Afghanistan and the Palestinians etc….-will be the last ones to fight klal Yisroel before mashiach comes.

    May mashiach be here very soon-we just need to first do teshuva as one loving nation together

    Reb Eliezer

    The Ramban says that Sara Imenu afflicted Hagar and therefore, when we don’t behave properly, we will be afflicted by Yishmoel, so the Baal Haturim says at the end of Chayeh Sarah, that Moshiah cannot come until he is destroyed.


    1. The British wanted us to fight, and we all fell for it. They pulled the same trick in Ireland and India (starting wars between rival religious groups in the hopes they would beg the Brits to stay and keep the peace); all they accomplished was getting a lot of people killed, and they lost their Empire anyways.

    2. It’s a real estate dispute. The Palestinians are among the least pious Arabs, and most Israelis want anything but a religious state.

    3. If you compare it to recent examples of ethnic cleansing and other war crimes (many involving the sorts of things we don’t mention on YWN), it appears the Israelis and Palestinians are actually quite civil. They seem more inclined to annoy each other than to be seriously interested in wiping each other out. Note that there has always been much joint Jewish-Arab economic activity (including joint criminal activites, unlike most wars where the crimianls are loyal patriots who would never help the enemy), and that the Israeli and Palestinian standard of living has been rising steadily for the last 70 years.


    Are you joking or just playing dumb? This is not a real estate dispute. If it was, it would have been resolved years ago.
    This is a clash of civilizations. The palestinians want to lill uss all chas vesholom. You call this civil? Yes, the Israeli side is very civil, in the face of such a brutal enemy.
    The only reason you dont see as much bloodshed as other countries that you are tryinvg to compare, is because thanks to Hashem Israel has a strong army and is therefore able to contain what they are doing. If not for that it could have been much worse היו לא תהיה.
    Bh that הנה לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישראל
    Hashem is watching over us. But dont be naive to think the palestinians are civil.


    I find this topic to be abrasive and disturbing.


    , it appears the Israelis and
    Palestinians are actually quite civil.


    Tell that to one of the 22000 mothers who
    lost a child


    so the Baal Haturim says at the end of Chayeh Sarah, that Moshiah cannot come until he is destroyed.

    He says the word נפל taken from the פסוק not exactly destroyed

    Additionally we have a concept of מעשה אבות סימן לבנים so I think just like yishmael did teshuvah so will the arabs

    Avi K


    1. In the case of EY the Brits did more than that. They violated the Mandate by severely limiting Jewish immigration and encouraging Arab immigration.

    2. I do not know what are the relative levels of piety among different Arab groups. In J-S they are mostly secular except in the Hevron area but Gaza is pretty Moslem. I also do not know how you define a religious Jewish state. Shabbat and Jewish holidays are legal days of rest and non-essential government employees even are off for Chol haMoed. The Army is kosher and does not allow chametz to brought onto bases during Pesach (tough on Druze soldiers). Jewish law (Mishpat Ivri) has legal standing and is not only often cited in legal opinions but the Knesset has a full-time employee who researches halachic aspects of proposed laws (I know him personally) and the ministry of Justice has a whole section for Jewish law.

    3. Jewish-Arab criminal activity mainly involves Arabs who hold Israeli citizenship. Like their law-abiding brethren they know on which side their bread is buttered.


    They will always be wild


    Sadly, one thing in which Muslims and Jews are similar is that both religions have significant numbers of people who are following religious leaders who endorse not vaccinating children. The Muslim extremists are preventing the eradication of polio and we now see measles outbreaks in frum areas in the US.


    This is anything but a religious war. Whoever claims this is a religious war just popped that out of his hat, after realizing that those in the fight are of a different religion. Did you ever see any side trying to convince the other, by word or the sward, to convert and join?

    And, Akuperma is correct. This is a fabricated fight fomented by the Brits in order to be needed and thus be able to stay in what was never meant to belong to them. Mandate means that they are acting as the hand of the League of Nations.

    There were plenty of Arab leaders who were on good terms with the Jews and the Zionists. It was the Brits who incited, and allowed, the Chevron massacre.

    They are now stuck in hatred that was passed down by selfish rulers. Indeed religion is used, now as always, to justify and invigorate the hatred. Religion is a powerful tool but it is hardly the cause. People fight for any ideology, including Democracy.

    When then-President Bush spoke of invading Iraq, it wasn’t enough to mention our issues with Saddam. In order to Americans to agree, or justify, an attack on a sovereign country we were told that we will be bringing ‘democracy’ to the people of Iraq. Well, think about how the Crusaders or Muslim raiders justified their invasions with the spread of their ideology which they too subscribed to, with even more fervor.

    But the motivation is usually less glamorous, and more simple.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    Wow. I never thought I would live to see the day. Charlie Hall has finally made his triumphant return.

    Avi K

    1. Islamists recognize the right of non-Moslem monotheists to live i their countries but as second-class citizens (dhimmi).
    2. The Brits did not incite hatred they simply empowered those who did such as the Mufti ym”s.
    3. a. True. Emir Faisal was in favor of a Jewish state so long as Moslems would have freedom of religion.
    b. They allowed it but again they did not incite it themselves.
    4. I would also say the converse. Religions sometimes become ethnic or ideological groups. For example, when someone was asked if there were atheists in Northern Ireland he was told that there were many but some were Catholic atheists and some were Protestant atheists.
    5. The fact of the matter is that our claim to EY is religious. BG even said that our title deed is the Tanach. Similarly, the Arabs cannot compromise because of a religious claim or fear of those who have a religious claim.


    AviK, according to William Bernard Ziff, the British are the ones who fabricate the claim that the Jews are trying to take over Har Habayis, on order to rile up the Arabs.

    It’s a biased book, but that’s his story.

    Avi K

    HaLeVi, people write the darndest things. In any case, we already took over. The Israeli police have no trouble limiting Moslems who can go there. The fact that the Bet haMikdash has not yet been built is because of halachic problems as well as the fact that we are not yet on the requisite spiritual level.


    Trust we are giving notice to Jordan to return
    the keys to Har Habais now that they have
    given notice to return farms
    But never!!! we are a democratic state,so what do
    we do, return the farms and then start a ten.year
    Legal process to try get the keys back

    Democracy is stupidity when dealing with

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