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    I am currently in a yeshiva with a mostly mainstream focus (1st and 2nd Seder predominantly Gemara). I consider myself a thinker and find myself dissatisfied with the lack of focus on Personal Growth (mainly mental health), Middos and the like. I also feel that I as well as other would benefit from a stronger focus on the foundational aspects of Yidishkeit and a little more depth in our Avodas Hashem (i.e. a stronger focus on Hashkafa, Tefillah, Enjoyment of Shabbos and the other things we spend so much of our lives doing, while many of us do it without enough thought or meaning). I have mostly found that the Yeshivas that focus on these things are “Kiruv Yeshivas”. I was part of one before feeling the need to move to a more positive environment. Is it not important to “Mainstream” Yeshivas to build quality, authentic, thought out Ovdai Hashem? To build healthy people who are good husbands, fathers and friends? If anyone is associated with Yeshivas that have a focus on these things I would love to hear about them. I would also love to hear opinions on this in general.



    No one is stopping you from learning on your own the things that interest you, on your own time. I recommend Nefesh Shimshon by Rabbi Pincus. He has a sefer about Shabbos, a sefer about tefilla.


    Uncle Ben

    Mik5; Nice suggestion, but you are not answering his fundamental question. What about if he decided to learn Novardok or Chabad or Breslov seforim? Would his Yeshiva be happy with that? I’m not recommending any mehalech in particular, just wondering why the Yeshivos don’t address this on their own.



    try yeshiva madreigas haadam in queens. it is exactly what you are looking for



    Thank you, mafaskowitz.



    Mik5: True, thank you for the suggestions. The problem with that is, reason to go to a yeshiva instead of learning in the local Shul is to be part of a klal, a group of people pursuing the same goals and to get guidance in it from Rabbaim. Choosing my own seforim and trying to grow in these areas alone, can be unrealistic and possibly destructive.


    Shopping613 🌠

    There are mussar yeshivos out there but they aren’t “mainstream”.
    Who says you need to be “mainstream” anyway? Go to thebest place for you..



    I think you mean a “Haskafa Yeshiva”. Not a “musser yeshiva”

    If you aren’t extremely frum and motivated going to a “musser yeshiva” can be damaging. I can think of two Yeshivas that were very heavily focused on and heavily stressed Musser twenty five years ago. They both toned down their focus to be more mainstream because their original focus had been damaging for American teenagers.

    Almost all Yeshiva have Musser Seder. You can learn haskafah seforim during that time. And other times.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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