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    Please find attached:

    My own theory about global warming and rising sea levels

    Not supported by any learned data, or any knowledge on the subject.

    Digging and excavations in virtually every country which has seriously inhabited for thousands of years have shown that land levels have consistently risen.

    For instance here in e”y’ remains from the end of Bayis Sheini / roman times are approximately 2o ffet velow present street level etc …. The same true le’havdil in chutz la’aretz, in London there are Roman remains below ground level.

    Modern environmentalists are far-daaget that very very soon major population areas will be overrun with water. Perhaps it is true. [Perhaps not ואכמ”ל]
    But according to this theory then the earlier cities should long have been overrun. א”כ בע”כ the sea levels too were once far far lower.
    הוי אומר in an ideal world, natural decay and rubble, falling leaves and dead trees, slowly add the ground level, while the water level too slowly rises.
    Our generation started raking up leaves, clearing away rubble and dead trees, and laying concrete all over, and then we have a new problem of rising sea levels.

    I will further point that according to the Tanna R’ Yehoshua, somewhere in Maseches Taanis rain comes down form the heaven – as such surely there will be a steady increase during the 6000 years of the world in water levels. [Unless it says that the water is supposed to return there …] Therefore Hashem perhaps deliberately created a world of natural decay to increase the ground level.

    this is all my rater unlearned theory – won’t pretend to have learnt he sugya properly.

    בברכת שבוע טוב
    וכל טוב סלה


    akuperma has good data to share about this issue.


    Zushy: Hard to tell if you are serious. Have you ever heard of evaporation.
    More water evaporates from the oceans each year than falls upon them as rain.


    le’maaseh ocean levels are rising

    Whether from melting ice floes or some new rain vais ich nisht

    BTW I am serious, but i know nothing at all about any of the sugyas involved.

    Shimon Nodel

    Well this theory would only make sense if the entire world was as flat and smooth as kitchen countertop. Think about it


    That’s nice. Can you also give your opinion on the Zeta function zeroes, information loss due to Hawking radiation, and the formation of sedimentary pyrites?


    and can you also give us your opinion on Supercalifragilistical Alledoses?
    can’t wait for your analysis


    Regarding global warming, I like to look at the headlines to understand the true message from Hashem – a method I’ve learned from Rabbi Pinchos Winston. There’s a medrash that before the mabul it was always spring and will be the same after Mashiach comes. I think that’s the true hint of the words globsl warming – to remind us what’s coming. Not necessarily because of of what scientists claim, but because Hashem will alter the world as He sees fit.


    To all the arrogant physic graduate posters
    why can’t you allow a perfectly intellegent guy make a comment which even makes sense even if not backed by scientific bogus


    just the fact that you use the word ‘bogus’ in the line ‘scientific bogus’ tells us all we need to know.
    by the way, any proof on your inane theory?
    proof, proof is what is needed.
    by the way, we ARE allowing a perfectly intelligent guy (debatable) to make comments – that’s why you see it on this blog. and no one is stopping him, are they?


    There are still active (dues paying) members of the Flat Earth Society and I’m sure the Mods would not object to their posting their “own theories” as to the risks of “falling off the edge”. However, having returned last month from a fairly arduous trip to Antarctica (albeit still some distance from the South Pole) I did observe an accelerated rate of glacial melt and calving (relative to air photos of the identical glacial tracts going back 25 years) and more importantly, we did NOT “fall off the edge” of the planet after leaving the tip of Argentina and traversing the Magellan Straits.


    Gadol, welcome back. Do we have here posts from the icebergs!?


    “Do we have here posts from the icebergs”

    AAQ: Go early in the summer season (November) while the Penguins are still “white” (no sliding in the mud from the melting ice) and book your trip on one of the newer class of small “icebreaker” cruise ships can actually “beach themselves” on the hard ice. That allows you to literally walk off the ship directly versus constantly climbing in and out of the small zodiacs to get to the shoreline and then having to wade the last several feet in really cold water. Without debating “climate change”, there really is an easily visible recession of the glaciers. Perhaps its just a short-term phenomena and a decade from now they will be expanding outward again but I’ll probably not be there to observe.


    What in the world does this have to with flat world theory? ? ? ?

    The Yerushalmi in Avoda Zoro clearly states that the world is round

    Gravity pulls towards the center of the sphere, so my theory stands true [lichoira]

    All decay and rubble pile up on Mother Earth

    Were water levels to have been 2000 years ago at the height they are today, they would have flooded London, etc …..

    I’ve yet to see a sensible response either explaining where i went wrong, or why the cities of yore did not flood over

    Waiting to hear from all you guys



    you should really expand on what you learned from this awesome experience. Were you the first to celebrate shabbos in Antarctica or was there a Chabad house already? And which way do you turn to daven at the South pole?

    Shimon Nodel

    Zushy! That’s why I said think about it! The only way your theory would check out is if the entire surface of the earth was flat and equal level. Do I need to elaborate? As soon as you notice that there are various topographical differences, your theory crumbles to pieces


    Shimon Nodel

    still have not understood your pint

    Take London, for instance, or the coastal plain in the Gush Dan area

    These places are near the sea.

    Environmentalists insist that in FORTY years present day London will be under water.

    Were the sea to have been the height it is today it should have flooded the Roman city of Londonium

    Ditto for the ruins of Acco, Ceaseria and Yaffo

    And the Netherlands needed dykes to protect from rising sea levels 500 years ago, but before that they were good to go.

    כל הנ”ל מורה שפני הים עלה הרבה במשך השנים, אלא שברוב מקומות פני היבשה גם עלה – כמובן על פי ההרים וגבעות שנבראו מששת ימי בראישת,



    you have raised a few points, and they are definitely worth addressing

    RISING LEVEL OF DRY EARTH – you are definitely right that the surface of many areas has risen.
    nonetheless, you are talking about a relatively small amount – the roman remains of londonium is maybe a few meters under current levels. The Cardo in Yerushalyim is also only a couple of metres – maybe three or four under the present street
    What you are saying – that decaying life raised the levels – definitely sounds possible, but it does not significantly effect the rest of the equation, as you will see.

    WHY DID THE SEA NOT FLOOD ANCIENT CITIES – Your question as to why the sea did not flood ancient cities is very limited.
    Even according to the greatest doomsday predictions, not all of London will be flooded in forty years. Golders Green is way way above sea level – the highest point in London is at the end of Golders Green Road …….. the “worry” and hyberbole is about the East London – Docklands area, which are low lying, and that’s why they built the Thames Barrier.
    I don’t know about the Israeli coastal plain, or the US East coast, but the entire Jordan Valley in E”Y, – including Beit She’an, Arad, the entire Yam Hamelach area, is BELOW sea level. nonetheless it did not flood for a very simple reason – there is ground above sea level between the sea and this area, which the water cannot cross. Much of the English Midlands too are below sea level.

    RISING SEA LEVEL – scientists claim sea level is rising. Unlike the level of dry land, sea level – and world temperature – always fluctuate, so this is much more debatable. nonetheless they claim sea levels are rising and the amount vary between 2mm a year to a full centimetre. [If sea levels rise at more than a centimetre for forty years, they will eventually flood the East London area.]
    The normal reason given for sea levels rising is melting glaciers, which in turn is blamed on global warming, which is then blamed on carbon emissions etc …
    You are suggesting that the sea has always risen – definitely possible – but bear in mind that while we have remains of cities, burial sites, and even Roman roads a few metres underground, as of yet no one has proven prior sea levels.
    When I was in Grammar School, with my school tie, we were taught an additional theory for rising sea levels. Mother Earth absorbs water, when it rains only the layoff will reach the wider rivers and sea. When one paves over massive areas – think Milton Keynes or Kiryat Sefer and Beitar – many many square kilometres of rainwater end up in the river and sea. This is turn could CAUSE glaciers to melt, rather than be a result. [I don’t know if scientists still believe this, but I was taught this in PH grammar school by Mr. C. around the year 2000.]

    RISING TEMPERATURE – you have failed to address in your theory rising temperature. Has temperature always risen and the glaciers therefore always melted, – even before carbon emissions – just Earth level rose alongside, or did Earth level and sea level rise independent of temperatures,

    CHAZAL – Chazal, Novi, Gemoro make many references to Hashem preventing the waves overtaking the dry land etc … Additionally R’ Yehoshua says that rain comes form the sky – perhaps it goes back somehow? – The gemoro in Brachos says that when Hashem cries the tears fall in the ocean and form an earthquake ….
    I do not pretend to understand these sugyas on any level, but they definitely have bearing on your subject.

    Shimon Nodel

    @goldersgreen, הן

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