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    i keep my paint brush with me

    wherever i may go

    in case I need to cover up

    so the real me doesn’t show.

    I’m so afraid to show you me

    Afraid of what you’ll do- that

    you might laugh or say mean things

    i’m afraid i might lose you

    i’d like to remove all my paint coats

    to show you the real, true me,

    but i want you to try and understand

    i need you to accept what you see

    so if you’ll be patient and close your eyes

    i’ll strip off al my coats real slow

    please understand how much it hurts

    to let the real me show

    now my coats are all stripped off

    i feel naked, bare and cold,

    and if you still love me with all that you see

    you are my friend pure as gold

    i need to save my paint brush, though,

    and hold it in my hand

    i want to keep it handly

    in case somebody doesn’t understand

    so please protect me dear friend

    and thanks for loving me true

    but please let me keep my paint brush with me

    until i love me, too


    That poem made me cry.


    Omg, very intense poem! Amazing!!! I feel like crying now too;(

    theOne- thanks for posting it!!


    omg awesome!!!


    One of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child is to teach them how to love themselves, a healthy self esteem, and the ultimate feeling that Hashem truly loves them. That is something that is priceless.

    It’s an arduous journey for an adult to try to learn to love themselves. Working on seeing that Hashem truly loves us, is one way to get there. Easier said than done.


    ur welcome ppl. it also made me cry, dats the reason i decided to share it with u i think that every person even those with a healthy self esteem need sometimes their paint brush…


    theOne, when i first read this poem in class in high school, it said author unknown. are you the anonymous author or are you just sharing something you enjoyed?


    wow amazing poem!


    According to my google search, it is either by Bettie B. Youngs (most likely) or Lee Ezell. Either way, it is very beautiful, and gives one alot to think about. Thanks for sharing it!


    nope i ddnt write it but i was amazed and rlly touched… just like u guyz are.


    I think the last line “until I love me too” is really sad.

    I do think though that there are people that love themselves that still need a paintbrush. Not everything about oneself is meant for everyone.


    lol…not to make light of the poem, its beautiful…but heres a bit of leitzonus…all women must be insecure, they all carry around a brush and paint their faces with it…lol

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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