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    Shalom Aleichem! I’d like to join you all in welcoming me to the ranks of the CR forum members.

    I’ve been a YWN reader for years, occasionally stopping by the coffee room to catch up on the latest, but I have never been bored enough to get in on the action myself, and waste my time with posting.

    But alas, time passes, the yetzer hara does his work, and I now have joined the ranks of those who have no more a productive use of their time than to post in the YW coffee room.

    Looking forward to our future discussions,

    The Tana


    Me too! ??? ?????? boredom

    Little Froggie

    Yeah, I don’t know how people could just post away here (there, or anywhere).


    I don’t know whether to take offense or not


    can i get a re-welcome because i haven’t been on in 11 months?


    Repost after tisha ba’v is over we don’t do parties in the 9 days.


    NLNSH – I was waiting for you to come back! 🙂 (Guess who?)


    Me too! Welcome you and I!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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