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    Something something mantras.

    One Liner

    The gefilte fishniks and the sardininks aka group A. And group B. are similar beacuse they both do action C



    Alex: Yes, Yserbius?

    Yserbius: What are two Orthodox Jewish cults who believe in worshiping the dead?


    I don’t think either group “worships the dead.” Can you prove that claim?


    Venerate. Not worship.


    One of them isn’t dead

    Mrs. D

    There is obviously a world to learn from and be inspired by from these two giants, and I am not from either persuasion, just a mevakesh Emes. If following their philosophies and teachings helps the followers grow as Yiddin, kol hakavod, though some of those mantras really irk me and of course i am fairly 200% certain that those Rebbes would not even remotely approve. On the other hand – case in point – I have a relative who was brought up to be a loyal Chabadste, and later on also became a fan of Mahara”n…but at one point in her life was struggling with some real problems that needed real guidance. Tired of going to the Ohel and davening her heart out, to doing/saying segulos and the like, she finally went and planted herself in the office of a presently reigning tzaddik who could actually advise and help her. Said she, “I am tired of going to dead Rebbes. I have to go to a living one at this point.”


    Welcome back, shebbesonian.

    (I get it, Yserbius.)

    Mrs. D, you don’t have to believe the Lubavitcher Rebbe to be

    Moshiach to learn from him, and you don’t have to be a Na Nach

    to learn from Rebbi Nachman.

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    That wasn’t Mrs. D’s point. The point was that, regardless of what you want to say about these controversial sects, they do probably help bring people back to yiddishkeit.

    However non-mainstream the views of these groups may be, I don’t see how people consider it permissible to trash talk them. I’m surprised this thread was allowed through given the predictable direction in which it was headed.


    thats the cycle here , post, lashon hara starts, requests for the thread to be closed, thread close. mods please close this thread

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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