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    Does anybody know anything about Nachlas? Specifically, What are the classes like, the academics? i have heard great things about the girls and the seminary itself but I havent really heard much about the actual learning there. can somebody please clue me in?


    and does anyone have any information about the seminary bya in eretz yisrael? for instance the girls who atend ther, the academics and the teachers who teach ther? thank you


    Nachlas is def an amazing place, warm, fun and real. The learning is almost all text-based but you learn hashkafa through that. There is a wide variety of teacher so that there is someone for everyone – you may like some teachers’ styles more than others. The work is hard but not busy work. There are reports and tests but not like the type that u have 2 learn the whole sefer shmuel on u’re own…


    is there a place where you have to learn the whole of shmuel alef and beis on your own?? Thats perfect for my daughter

    sem graduate

    In hadar, you need to learn: Bereishis, Shmos, Devarim, Yehoshua, Shoftim, Shmuel alef, 1/2 of Shmuel Beis, and Melachim Alef on ur own…. but it’s really yeshivish…


    WARNING: Mrs. Jacobovits is leaving at the end of this year!


    Yes, very unfortunate! BUT the same amazing lady that hired her – will iy”h hire another perfect figure for the seminary. The staff remains the same, the warmth and care remain the same, and the hashkafos and high academic level remain the same.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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