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    Thinking out loud

    I was told by somebody that there is money being raised by a new charity/project to help PAY for mental health treatment. Apparently she saw an ad – maybe it was for the purpose of fund raising. She thinks the name was Nafsheinu, or something of the sort. If anyone knows of this organization, (or anything similar), please post whatever information you have.

    I am involved in a very serious situation that probably needs inpatient (residential) treatment as soon as possible. Lack of money is delaying treatment. Somebody’s life is at stake – it’s just as serious as if they needed a new kidney and couldn’t pay for it. Amudim has already given referrals, and recommendations are coming from responsible, experienced professionals.

    Thank you.


    I’m not sure if this will help, but just in case.

    Help- Frum Therapist Needed– Organization?

    Much Hatzlacha

    Thinking out loud

    thank you, but no, unfortunately, I am looking specifically for financial assistance. The program that this boy needs to go to is residential, and specific. None of the agencies on that thread deal with such intense cases. Or if they do, they unfortunately do not have a successful track record.

    Unfortunately, there is a higher percentage of well trained, experienced, and skilled therapists in the private sector.

    There may be exceptions if you get lucky, but for serious interventions, one goes to the experts.


    Rather than Tzdekah, you should look into Medicaid or some other kinds of private insurance (Private insurance might not pay). Tzdekahs can only raise so much money especially with costs for mental health could be in the $100’s of thousands of dollars, that is really hard to raise


    If the person is indigent, they should be eligible for Medicaid if it is a medical issue or needs some form of medical inpatient care.

    Residential is different from inpatient. Residential is typically for maintenance, while inpatient is for acute care.

    in NYS OPWDD or OMH may have funding.

    There are too many details missing here.

    Perhaps Pesach Tikvah in Williamsburg may be a source of help.

    ZD, FYI, there are baalei tzedakah who do provide such amounts.

    However, there may be programs to pay for the treatments or hospitalization under regular or waivered programs.


    TOL, I meant if any of those organizations could help directly or connect you with someone who could help financially.

    Thinking out loud


    I appreciate your input. I am aware, and been in contact with all the agencies. This teenager needs RESIDENTIAL (not inpatient) treatment, and he needs it now. It is NOT covered.

    It’s a very serious situation…

    Typical therapy situations, no matter how they are covered is not what I’m talking about. (He IS in regular therapy).

    Yes, I have left out details. That is because I am not interested in starting a thread about what can and can not be treated.

    V’hamayvin Yavin.

    Thank you all for trying to help.

    It was a long shot, but I had to try. And I was told there was a fund specifically for high school bochurim, which he is.

    It looks like I am going to have to make some sort of campaign to raise money for this specific situation, as difficult as that is going to be, considering that everybody (non-professionals) think they know alternatives….

    HaShem Ya’azor.


    Have you looked into any options in Israel that may be covered by insurance?


    Thinking out loud-

    Have you been able to get any financial assistance?

    I was thinking about this and wondering if any crowdfunding websites would be of help.

    Unfortunately I am not in a position to do so now but personally I would jump to help financially if I won the lottery or came into some other large sum of money somehow…

    Wishing you hatzlacha and siyata dishmaya.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Have you tried calling Relief? I don’t know if they could help with this, but maybe they could or know who could.

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