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    is it really true that is a pregnant woman steps on a nail something happens to their baby?(fingernails and toenails) or is that just made up?


    Its mentioned in Shulchan Aruch O”Ch simen 260 (see Machtzis HaShekel).


    It is considered a sakana for pregnant women.


    you can also read up about it in kitzur shulchan aruch it is bought down in the area about preparing for shabbos which includes nail cuttting as well as the order the nails should be cut in. Should be bishaa tova umitzlachas simchas!


    The commentaries explain on that Chazal, that when a pregnant woman sees a finger nail or toe nail she is repulsed by it, so much so she can ‘possibly’ miscarry her baby.

    Indeed another Chazal describes women’s nature as squeamish and easily repulsed by certain actions and objects.


    Is there anything to do about it if you cant find it?

    I heard something about dropping two pieces of wood on the floor and then throwing them out.

    Any truth to this?


    A general rule of thumb is this: If it’s a superstition, it’s not true. If it’s a superstition that chazal or the rishonim espouse, then it’s Torah MiSinai.


    My halacha teacher in high school (years ago!) said that a woman who is expecting should not go into a nail salon. Yes, that means no manicures for 9 months. You just don’t want to risk it!


    Its a sakanah for a pregnant woman to step on cut nails. As per the Gemara, the sakanah is only when the nail is stepped on in its original place where it fell. If the nail falls to the ground and is then moved around it no longer presents a sakanah.

    Generally with these kinds of sakanah, since we dont understand the reasons behind it, the prevailing opinion is that we dont extend the sakanah to anything more than what is said.



    I find that hard to believe, because the gemara explicitly states that when the nail is moved from the original place it fell, even just swept to the other side of the room, it does not have that effect.

    The simple explanation of the gemara is that it refers to a certain ??? ???. Although we generally don’t go as far as to completely abolish halachos based on ??? ???, numerous poskim indicate that we are not prone to it the way they were in the olden days.


    I heard it causes miscarriages.


    adorable -Isn’t this what e/o said already? And they also said if it’s moved from it’s original place, it doesn’t.


    health- these threads were not all up when I posted my thread as the mods must be busy


    okay, so

    1. what IS the order that you cut your nails?

    2. also aren’t you like only allowed on certain nights?

    3. did u ever hear that ur not allowed to cut ur toenails and fingernails on the same night?

    4. or that you can’t cut your nails at night?

    5. do these have anything to do with kabbalah?



    I am no rov, but this is what I’ve been told (I could have mixed something up, but as of right now I think it’s all correct)…

    1. Left hand- ring, pointer, pinky, middle, thumb.

    Right hand- pointer, ring, thumb, middle, pinky.

    2. Should cut finger nails on Thursday night and toe nails on Friday

    3. Yes, I have heard that

    4. I have heard that as well


    All this is true….its said to be a sakana. Be very careful not too…but again if you do dont think ur going to have a miss that day.

    a) the chazon ish says it doesnt apply anymore in our day

    b) you can cut off a piece of wood as prevention if you did

    b rought by sefer shmiras haguf vhanefesh

    c) or cut something whatever you can it is said to protect



    BY94, wouldn’t cutting on thursday night and friday be considered the same day?

    Never heard the thing about the wood. Could someone explain (a little more)?



    I’ll try to find out-I’m not sure that there is a reason for it-it may be more like a chok-just as stepping over nails is….but I’ll see about the wood bli neder


    I heard that the thing with the nails applies to all women, but pregnant women are especially careful, because their baby can be harmed. I heard there is a connection to Adam and Chava before the cheit. Their entire bodies were covered with a layer of nail like material. And after Chava gave Adam the fruit and they sinned, most of the nail covering came off and only remained on the fingertips and toes. Chavah was blamed for this, so all women who are decended from her, can “remind” Hashem or the satan or whoever when they step on a nail, who can be mekatreig against them.

    Has anyone else heard this? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


    Hmm Kapusta, you’re right. I’ll try to find out and come back with an answer iyh.

    hudi, I’ve also heard that it has to do with the cheit, just didn’t know the explanation. It makes sense though


    There’s also a perfectly logical non-Kabbalistic reason not to leave cut nails lying around on the floor. I once stepped on a toenail clipping while barefoot, and it was almost like stepping on a real nail, and not a clean one, either. I felt lucky not to get a staph infection, which can happen with this sort of accident.

    It so happens that a staph infection can cause a pregnant woman to ch’v miscarry. So Kabbalah or not, it just makes sense to be careful when cutting your nails.

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