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    Reb Eliezer – so now we’re second-guessing our Gedolim?


    To all those who assert that the Trumpkopf is sitting in the Oval Office only because the Ebeshter wanted him there, I assume you will be equally accepting (and perhaps even add a chatzi hallel) when Reb Yosef and Kamala move in on January 20th.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Yes, when you believe Gd runs the world you actually accept it even when the ship is sinking. Try it, it may allow you to go down on your ulcer medication. And let the old you emerge from the cellar.


    Assuming your claim of nevuah is correct. Of course.
    I would like to suggest that this RH, instead of davening for one candidate to win , daven that Hashem should appoint the right shliach to lead the country since He knows best


    On Rosh Hashanah we understand that Hashem stop the world. Full stop. Period.


    Dear Hbs,

    A theoretical question holds a theory. It is not meant to hold water. Yet you are drowning in it. If you have a compelling reason to vote for Trump, than share it? What is the endorsement game for? More members of Bush’s cabinet spoke by the DNC than the Trump NC.

    Resident Mortal

    Reasons to vote for Trump

    1. Middle east peace
    2. Pro Israel policies
    3. Judges that will not further the degradation of American Society
    4. Less taxes
    5. Law and order
    6. Not cow tailing to overt anti-Semites that want to see the destruction of the Jewish people
    7. School policies
    8. The economy
    9. Less wars
    10. Immigration

    Reasons to vote for Biden

    1. Not Trump
    2. Climate change
    3. Not Trump
    4. Democrat policies
    5. Not Trump


    Dear Resident,

    So why does George Bush support Joe Biden?


    1. We could have a discussion about the Mid East.

    2. Trump does not believe in policies.

    3.America is immoral because religious leadership has gone AWOL.

    4. Maybe Trump could balance the budget like he promised. At the end of the day, he will be worse off than Obama. Nothing will hide a useless billion dollar wall sitting on our border.

    5. Trump is as disorderly as there is. He could be in tail next year. If you mean on the streets, he has no clue how to deal with street violence.

    6. There are too many anti Semites in the world. Do not confuse your enemies and your advocates.

    7. Education?! Are you kidding?

    8. The economy does not do better because the stock market has a cheerleader with a toupee.

    9. Less was is true. But more genocide.

    10. Immigration is more American than free markets. Maybe we should send the statue of liberty to Russia or China.


    I think there are certain aspects that Trump offers that no-one else can. Being a Washington outsider that does not care what academics think of him, he is free from a lot of the special interests that every President spends so much time diverting.

    I would like to discuss the things that Trump should have done.But all the Trump fan club talks about, is how great if is for regular American life, and how terrible the liberals are. And every one who does not drool over Trump is a liberal.

    A whole bunch of strong Conservatives detest Trump. Trump himself left the party in the Nineties because it was too far right for him. His orbit is between Times Square, Hollywood, and Palm Beach. There is nothing conservative about his personal life. If you can not be objective about him, then why support him?

    Again, if anyone would like to talk about the positives of the real Donald Trump, I am all ears.

    Resident Mortal
    • @ n0mesorah

    You can try minimizing everything Trump is doing but at the end of the day the only thing Biden offers better then trump is the veneer of being a good person. Obama was also a “good person” who spoke well but the amount of damage the obama/biden did to america is unbelievable, I honestly cannot think of anything Obama did that is better then trump besides making better speeches. I will take the person with good policies which betters my life then a person who speaks nicely while undermining what good America offers.

    P.S if you respond with “orange man bad” and how Trump stinks, you prove my point.

    mild edit


    Dear Resident,

    Trump is the most unique president in the modern day. If you like the way he works and what he is capable of, then ignore the risks and vote for him, because there may not a similar candidate again. That is the single advantage that Trump has. He is the only one who can do the things he does. The problem is, he got off the path and picked fights with journalism at large. Including a bunch of other pointless sideshows.

    Biden is a low risk candidate. He knows what he is doing. The whole country knows his moderate track record. And he has been trusted by presidents from both parties. The Biden is worse argument, is utter silliness. Trump has little regard for doing things the right way. And dismantles whatever stands in his way. Presidents have done this before to the benefit of the country. We could vote for that. But to vote for him because we cannot stand the other guy (or girl) makes no sense.

    I am not going to defend Obama. But going by your list of ten items, they are of the same cloth. They diverge greatly on immigration. Obama’s reforms are halted by Trump. But this is only temporary. And the court’s have already ordered some of them to proceed. Also, Obama redid healthcare. And Trump did tax cuts. Both got awful budgets out of this and little else. Nothing enduring has yet come out of the last 12 years of fiscal policy. Both extended the powers of the executive branch. Both have a solid base to talk to, but could not reach the nation at large. Both will have left over monumental massive wastes of tax dollars, that void whatever prudence they effected. Obama with the ACA. That is not modern or agile enough, to keep up with the most advanced medical treatments in the world. That is even if it was fiscally sustainable to begin with. And the useless wall on our southern border may remain for centuries. Mocking us for eating a leader that did not bother to go with any expert advice on his signature achievement.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Leafing through the Jewish Press (don’t ask) there is an article about should rabbis recommend a particular candidate Rav Shmuel Eliyahu gives an endorsement to Trump

    So I guess it’s 2-0 (hey jackk I found someone else)


    Several points:
    No one is addressing the large number of Republicans, include Bush and Romney, who are voting for Biden. Not to mention all the former Trump staffers (including Bolton) and intelligence officials who feel that Biden is far better for the country than Trump. Please express your feelings about this.

    Concerning Obama’s record/legacy: One thing that has been largely ignored is the April 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in which 47 heads of state met in the White House to discuss ways to prevent nuclear materials in their control from falling into terrorist hands. Al Queida and others had been trying their best to get hold of whatever nuclear materials they could through all kinds of seemingly legitimate fronts and proxies, and Obama did everything he could as president to persuade the largest gathering of heads of state in the White House since 1945 to coordinate their efforts in this area. We may never know what he succeeded in preventing (as Paul Krugman once wrote, “One terrorist nuke made from FSU fissionable materials can spoil your whole day.”) but the consequences, if unknown, may we have been extremely significant. I once saw a Palestinian leader quoted, “The day we get a nuclear weapon, that day we use it.” Obama did this in cooperation with the leading Republican experts in the field. It didn’t have much political traction at the time.

    Resident Mortal


    Umm Trump foreign policy isn’t inline with traditional republican/democrat neocon policy and therefore Bolton and other intelligence officials hate him but in the end of the day Trump policies are working and the middle east and ISIS no longer being a thing is proof of that. Its being reported today that Iran is even willing to give back Americans so its a actually a good thing that the traditional foreign policy establishment is against him.

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