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    i recently started deli vering food for those in need (part of a chesed orginization) but i have a problem

    why is it that no one puts their names on their doorbells if they live in a multiple family house? how am i supposed to know which bell to ring??? i dont wanna ring the wrong bell and bother the wrong people…

    additionally, why dont people in multiple family houses put a name on their door itself? i dont know which one to put it by!!

    any suggestions of what i cld do in this situation the next time this happens??? (i do not know phone numbers or anything like that….)


    Perhaps it is omitted as a safety precaution.


    To forestall all the stalkers that pieced together your identity from your posts in the CR.

    Alternatively, to give you time to make a getaway when the CR Shomrim come to bring you in.


    when i moved into a new house, the previouse owner left theor name plate on the door. it was great to see these collectors calling by my name (MR ..) as if htey knew who i am!


    I will go one better. Why do so many people fail to put their STREET ADDRESS number on their doorway (or somewhere else that is highly visible)? I had so much trouble locating someone’s house to pick up one of my children who had been dropped off by someone else. There was snow on the ground covering up the one place that had an address, some small spot in the front yard.

    Chas v’Sholom lo aleinu that they should ever need Hatzalah. Precious time will be lost as people search in vain for an address that is not readily visible. PLEASE put your house number (the numerals themselves, not a calligraphically-written script of the words)in an area that is well lit and easy to spot.


    In eretz yisroel also , hatzola has begged families to put up street numbers on the outside of the bldgs. It can only help to save lives.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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