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    Does have any knowledge of shidduchim made through the NASI program,

    If people have been satisfied that they have been getting more dates or successful shidduchim. I am trying to find out before investing in this for my daughter.


    Well, since the money is refundable, you can always just invest it for a few months, and then see what happens.

    What I would personally do, is to withdraw it right before she gets engaged.


    It takes one month to get a refund.


    that is something i would like to know, if someone decided to leave the program, have they actually gotten their money back?


    mbsk- someone got engaged (not through the program, they had actaully begund that shidduch right around the time the program started) and they received their money very shortly after they informed the program that they got engaged.

    So far no one has decided to leave the program…. in fact the people in the program have been pleasantly suprised with the shadchan attention they’ve been receiving and the efforts being made on thier behalf… all at NO cost to them….


    mbsk- someone got engaged (not through the program, they had actaully begund that shidduch right around the time the program started) and they received their money very shortly after they informed the program that they got engaged.

    So far no one has decided to leave the program…. in fact the people in the program have been pleasantly suprised with the shadchan attention they’ve been receiving and the efforts being made on thier behalf… all at NO cost to them….

    PBA- you could try that, but it woldn’t work…. i guess you haven’t seen the contract that the participants sign. It prevents exactly behaviour such as what you are tongue in cheek suggesting. In fact it was precisely to prevent such abuses of the program that the decision was made to require the money be deposited upfront….

    Thanks for answering one of the questions people in this forum previously raised…


    all at NO cost to them….”

    If they have to pay money upfront, how does that mean at no cost to them?


    With fear of provoking AZ into a rampage, heres my opinion:

    Uniquely devoted $hadchanim, looking for uniquely high earning$, those who Nasi attracts, who see that their efforts dont earn them money unless a Shidduch materializes, might tire of such unique devotion after the newness of the program wears off.

    Unique devotion doesnt neccessarily lead to the re$ults these $hadchanim seek. Similarly, unique devotion by top doctors doesnt mean better outcomes for very difficult patients, suffering from hard to cure ailments.

    No harm in trying though. Like apricot kernels for cancer, l”a, in Mexico. Sometimes it works.


    I have reason to believe that mss is a mod username unless proven otherwise!



    they haven’t paid anything to anyone up front. they simply deposit money in a fdic insured account, that isn’t touched until they walk down the ailse or ask for it back.

    that’s correct all the hundres of hours of work the poepole in the NASI program have dedicated to helping the participants.

    The hundreds of hours of the lawyers who wrote the contract, the accontant who set up the funds, the programmer who created customized spreadsheets to facilitate tracking of the progjram and faciliate ongoing monitoring to ensure maximize attention for the participants…

    etc. etc. etc. etc.

    ALL AT NO cost to them. zero zilch nada not even a wooden nickle….

    Now you’ll understand why the particiapnts are so pleaased. Even those who have not yet gotten dates, have seen increased attention and have come to thoroughly appreciate the efforts being made on their behalf.

    MSS- with 100 shadhcanim involved in the program, be careful what you write. In addtion, what you fail to reaize, is that the shadhcanim involved benefit even when a shidduch doesn’t materilize….


    but the details of what what i’m reffering to, are simply none our business.

    Just remember, NASI created the concept of 100/400 because they understand better than anyone, that no matter how much potential money a shadchan makes when they complete a shiddcuc, the frustratino involved in redding shidduchim knows no boundries.

    Those programs of 100/400 are active in 9 different communties with OFF the charts results….

    maybe just mabye just mabye they actually know what they are doing…. mabye mabye ……….


    AZ- at no cost to them? excuse me? what exactly is this $5000, $6000, $7000… no cost? can you try that again?


    Sure yummy, read what i wrote and is posted immedaitely above yours.


    NO COST!!

    here’s a email recevied this AM from a participant who has NOT gotten a date yet, let me know if you’d like me to post feedback from the participants who HAVE gotten dates or two or three……

    “I was amazed at all the negativity that your program generated…some people just instinctively like to be negative. I only have good things to say about your program. It’s difficult to have an older single daughter but you are trying to level the playing field.”


    i still don’t get it. you wrote “they simply deposit money…” and you still write “at no cost to them”. i don’t know, but if i deposit money and therefore cannot use it, that is costing me however much money i cannot use! you still need to explain.


    Maybe because you are only paying a shaddchanus fee but you are not paying for the costs and time of running the program itself.


    yummy- are you reffering to the potential .0025% interest they are losing. What exactly is it costing them?


    AZ, I’m curious about the email you posted from someone who has not gotten a date, yet is excited with the NASI program. I was asking about feedback because I wanted to know if people got results , if there is something different with the shadchans

    Also I am wondering, about the shadchanim in the program. Are they the same ones who are around that are being contacted but not really responding because they have so many girls to deal with? Or are they different shadchans? And if so where are they getting the boys?

    Ok if anyone has answers would love to hear them


    mbsk: feel free to contact the program and i’m sure they’ll provide you will all the answers…


    It’s been 4 months since I’ve read anything regarding the Nasi project. I was curious to know if the Nasi project yielded any success for any of the participants?


    If anything would have happened we would know about it. PR is what they know.

    Hey AZ, when are the shadchanim going to be paid for the shiduchim made over 4 years ago?


    since you asked….

    The community projects have yielded the following results (each community is responsible for funding the cost of their program)

    # of Date 1’s – 932

    # of Date 4’s – 187

    # of Engaged-62

    Avg age of Girl for Date-1’s 24 yrs old

    Avg age of Girl for Date-4 ‘s 23.1 years old

    % of Date-1’s that become engaged- 5.34%

    % of Date-4’s that become engaged- 26.88%

    Data on the “new” Program that is geared to the individual participants (as opposed to the coomunity programs that is geared to all the young women in those communities equally)

    # of new dates set up – 71

    # of Engaged- 0 so far

    amount of participants money that has been spent-$0.00


    STOP ASKING FOR DATA, at least those who are not thinking of investing shpould appreciate the amazing service that is being done for Klal Yisroel


    You can save money by going onto Frumster &/or Orthodate, where other than $18/month membership, there is No Shadchonus fee to pay, upon “Success:- Mission Accomplished”.

    Even on Frumster &/or Orthodate, it is very simple for a man to pick a woman older than himself, or for a woman to pick a man younger than herself, thus fulfilling the lofty & smart ideals of Nasi, but without incurring the fees of Nasi.


    May I add to the list, where Ive heard Shidduchim are popping, and becoming more popular by the day?

    Any time new Yeshivish/Modern Yeshivish singles sign on, they get special attention from the Shadchanim who gear themselves towards those members, and constantly look out for newly joined members.

    Those who dont want their profiles made public to all Matchmakers, can choose to be private members of their Shadchan.

    Theyre approaching 800 successful Shidduchim across the world, accomplished in a few years.

    Devoted Shadchanim and costs peanuts.


    AZ has yet to address this issue – if the money is escrowed into an FDIC account that I can’t touch, it’s not an issue of “losing .0025% interest” – it’s one of liquidity!



    Hello AZ!

    What’s new?

    Has the # of Engaged in the new program gone above 0?

    Wishing you success!


    Whats with the snide comments, antagonism and hatred toward a person/group that is sincere in their efforts to correct a problem? If you disagree with his/their solution implemented in an attempt to address the problem, then come up with your own solution or keep your mouth shut. Are you afraid this solution might be THE answer or even just a small part of the answer to a large problem?


    ?? Huh?

    What snide comments, apushatayid?

    Or were you referring to some old, old comments that seemed to take issue with AZ’s ideas?

    For my part, i was just wondering. AZ used to be quite a busy poster around here, and always had a good word to add on the subject of shidduchim. I was curious if his latest project has achieved success.

    But maybe he threw his computer out after the asifa.

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