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    What is widely known is that the grand Mufti al-Husseini who incited for pogroms whereby non Zionists pious Jews were brutally attacked in 1920/1 1929, despite his role in WW2 crimes against humanity was ‘small fish’ compared to European nazi collaborators, still:
    he had chased the Nazi leaders in 1933 some 2 months after A.H. rose to power, and he kept ‘friendship’ with H.H., preached to the entire Muslim world to kill the J… wherever they are;
    has instigated to, his linked Futuwwa hitleryugend type Kata’ib with some help of some Arab policemen, at the atrocious 1941 Farhoud pogrom in Baghdad on Shavuot-5701 which some say upto 1,000 Jews perished;
    planned to erect crematorium at Dotan Valley 1942-3;
    had visited at least one concentration camp; led Muslim SS handschar which committed atrivitues;
    had interfered when Jewish children were about to be escaped certain deaths due to deals, and for six months urged the Nazis to bomb Jerusalem and Tel Aviv;
    plotted the failed Operation Atlas which according to some it also involved poisoning the wells of Tel Aviv to massacre around 250,000.

    And less is known about his then aide Ahmad Shukeiri who actively helped the Nazis since 1941. Then justified the Holocaust in 1946. Fired from UN post by Saudi Arabia in 1962 after he, on Nov 30, 1962, endorsed the neo Nazi gang in Argentina (which earlier guarded A. E. and Dr. Death J.M and had tortured a Jewish girl, carved Swastika on her, as a revenge for eliminating A.E. in Israel). He was appointed by Nasser to be the first PLO chairman in 1964, while in 1956 he still announced at the UN that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria.

    But far less is known that at least one Arab doctor at the Palestinian-Syrian nationalists group active in Berlin during the war, had served in an extermination camp.


    חננאל, משה: “הירושלמים: מסע בספר הטלפון המנדטורי 1946”, 2007, עמ’ 277-278:

    מופיד ביי, בנו של אמין ביי, נסע לגרמניה, שם שהה בתקופת השלטון הנאצי והצטרף לפלסטינים אחרים שפעלו עם הנאצים בחסות קשריו של המופתי הירושלמי.

    בגרמניה הצטרף למאות בני משפחות האצולה הפלסטיניות, שפעלו עם הנאצים בחסות קשריו של המופתי הירושלמי. מופיד עמד בקשר קבוע עם המופתי וביקר אותו תדירות במעונו בברלין.

    בזמן שהותו בברלין התארגנה שם קבוצת לאומנים סורים ופלסטינים, שצידדו בסוריה הגדולה. סמל הקבוצה היה צלב קרס הפוך. מספר רופאים ערבים, שהיו חברים בקבוצה, אף שירתו בצבא הנאצי, לפחות אחד מהם במחנה השמדה. המודיעין הבריטי ניהל מעקב צמוד אחרי הקבוצה הזו, שחלק מחבריה לא חזר לארץ ישראל לאחר המלחמה.

    Hananel, Moshe. Jerusalemites: A journey in the Mandatory phone book [masaʻ be-sefer ha-ṭelefon ha-mandaṭori 1946] 2007 (ISBN: 9789659079728 9659079729). pp.277-8.

    Mofid Bey, the son of Amin Bey, traveled to Germany, where he stayed during Nazi rule and joined other Palestinians who worked with the Nazis under the auspices of the Mufti of Jerusalem.

    In Germany, he joined hundreds of members of the Palestinian aristocratic family, who worked with the Nazis under the auspices of the Mufti of Jerusalem. Mofid was in constant contact with the Mufti and visited him frequently at his residence in Berlin.

    During his stay in Berlin, a group of Syrian and Palestinian nationalists, who sided with Greater Syria, organized there. The group symbol was an inverted swastika. A number of Arab doctors, who were members of the group, even served in the Nazi army, at least one of them in an extermination camp. British intelligence closely monitored this group, some of whose members did not return to Palestine after the war…


    When I read in Tablet magazine months ago elaborating on the photos of the Mufti of Palestine “touring” concentration camp it made me sick. Trouble is today, this devilish figure is revered by many in Ramallah and in Gaza.

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