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    Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD advises that any virus can be zapped via nebulizer. Usually, he’d administer an IV to his wife for Flu, but she actually preferred the nebulizer due to her tiny veins. It requires the addition of H2O2, and that poses the problem, due to lack of oxidative-medicine doctors. Ever since 9/11 H2O2 has been categorized as “hazmat” – never mind that it merely requires a few drops added to a pint of water to turn it into the purest hydrogen peroxide. The truth is, most of U.S. society has become socialized to the point that they’d actually opt to die while shouting the long-ago-exhausted term “anecdotal!!!”and that goes for all sorts of things. What the heck, hydroxychloroquine is on its way from Israel, so all this is moot. (That is to say, until the powers-that-be decide to pull yet more tricks out of their huge bag.


    You understand that the virus lives inside the cells of the host. The virus them begins to reproduce and spread to more cells within the body.

    Now how exactly does a nebulizer ‘zap’ the virus?


    Big difference between anecdotal evidence and relying on a doctor who pleaded guilty in for malpractice which led to the death of a cancer patient who was grossly misdiagnosed and treated. Did you bother to Google this “doctor”?


    H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide, which is available at any drug store or even Dollar Tree (though I expect it’s sold out these days). It certainly not a hazardous material. The rest of the OP is equally suspect. If you google Frank Shallenberger, you’ll find that he lost his medical license in California for some pretty horrendous things, then moved to Nevada where he’s continuing his quackery.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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