need a sheva broshos speech for tonight..can anyone help??

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    Hi, I need a speech for a sheva brochos for tonight. I dont know where to start or what to speak about. does anyone have a speech I can “borrow”???

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    OK, just make sure you give it back when you’re finished. 🙂

    I heard the following in the name of Rav Steinwurtzel, ZT”L. You’ll have to embellish it and apply it to the chosson and kallah according to their ma’alos.

    Why is the bracha of “yotzer ha’adam” only said at sheva brachos? You would think that thanking Hashem for our creation would be said at least daily!

    The Gemara in Eruvin (13b)says “???? ?????: ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ?????? – Nimnu v’gamru: noach lo l’adam shelo yoser mishenivra” – it would have been more comfortable for us to not have been created. Why? The Maharsh”a says that because there are more negative commandments (365) than positive commandmets (248), we havea bigger chance of failure than success, so we would have preffered not to have been created.

    However, this does not apply if we transform our mundane activities into acts of avodas Hashem. Even the simple act of eating can be a z’chus ifdone to strengthen ourselves to daven learn, perform acts of kindness, and other mitzvos.

    At sheva bracos, when we recite the bracha of “Shehakol bara lichvodo” and recognize that ultimatly, EVERYTHING was created for Hashem’s honor, we are not limited to 248 mitzvos, we have more oppurtunities for good than bad, and can appreciate Hashem’s chessed in creating us, and recite the bracha “yotzer ha’adam”.


    a Tape from rabbi Miller explaining that the purpose of Life is not so much “avoiding Averios” ( of course taht is of utmost importance too) but to ACCOMPLISH & BECOME AOMETHING IN THIS WORLD marriage is certainly a key opportunity to Build up a house & become something in this world. As in all the tapes from this great Godol with extraordinary oratory skills & it is explained in great clartity with humor too. a Link to kol haloshon is hereby attched. it is tame number #S025 from the S series.|EMusar|R7517-2|S_Series&English=True


    Are you going to repeat b’shem amro? Something like Amar ZeesKite dvei olam yeshiva…

    Feif Un

    The couple should be mekayem what it says in the Mishna in Avos – al shlosha d’vorim ha’olam omed. The chosson learns, the kallah works, and the parents give gemilas chassadim!


    There is a famous question: When Yosef HaTzaddik had his dream, his brothers and parents bowed to him. Why didn’t his sister Dina bow?

    When Yosef came to Mitzrayim, he married Osnas. Osnas was, according to many opinions, Dina’s daughter from Shechem. It comes out that Dina was Yosef’s mother in law.

    Never in his WILDEST DREAMS did Yosef believe that his mother-in-law would bow to him!


    There is a famous story about the Shidduch Crisis in the early 1700’s. There was shtetl with loads of girls and no guys. One day, the town watchman announced there was a bachur arriving in a horse and carriage from a faraway town. All the women ran out to bag him for their daughters. There was a din torah between two of them as to who had got him first?

    The dayan stroked his beard, trying to think of a similar story in Shas that he could compare it to. Then he hit on the perfect idea.

    “Bring a knife and cut him into 2!!!” There were two shouts. One woman was happy, smiling and ready to start the cutting. The other was horrified, shaking her head – ready to give up the Guy.

    “You said we should cut him up,” Said the Rabbi, pointing at the happy woman. “You must be the real Shvigger!!!”


    They should learn Korach to stay away from his deeds, and more importantly, they should learn from “Ohn” to listen to one’s wife, and stay aloof from trouble.

    Of-course being generous with Terumo & Ma’aser & Terumas Ma’aser as delineated in this week’s Parsha is also a great topic.

    I won’t mention to talk about being smarter than Korach who dipped his entire Tallis in Techeles, because I am being “Dan” the Chosson “leChaf Zechus” that he has already been compliant with Mitzwah of a Tallis Godol for many years already, as per Halocho.


    You could mention the origin of the yiddish language: Hebrew, German and the word oy.

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