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    My grandmother is long gone, and i want to make heimishe foods like the old fashioned way in the alte heim. My first attempts are chopped liver and gefilte fish. First, how do you broil/kasher liver? i bought vineland broiled chicken livers but want to make beef liver as well. Also how do you chop it? I know my grandmother didnt use a food processor. Secondly, how do you get it to taste like really good catered brooklyn chopped liver?

    Next onto fish. I know the steps but live out of town so i cant get hemishe fish like carp, and whatever. I can get whitefish i guess, what other fish can i mix to make a light gefilte fish, and also how do you grind it? thanks

    Sister Bear

    Whatever you do just add tons of oil to!!! 🙂


    umm thanks SB but its shmaltz this food needs NO OIL!!!


    If you really want to chop the old way you need a hand/crank grinder sort of like a baby food grinder but bigger and stronger.Kitchen-aid sells an attachment for the kitchenaid stand mixers,the knife blade of a food processor works too,use a pulse on/off not steady on or you’ll end up with mush. My grandmother always started with a whole fish and said the secret was to first boil the bones with onions and carrots to make a good fish stock.Good luck, hope it’s worth the effort.


    This is America! make it easy, and yet same flavors you are looking for.

    Buy a frozen roll, you got a heimish gefilte fish. can be shipped anywhere, frozen!


    My Bubby used a grinder for her liver. First she broiled it in the kashering pan, then she sauteed lots and lots of onion and put it through the grinder together with a hardboiled egg. Seasoned to taste, and voila. I have NEVER made this myself, nor do I ever plan to. You can get pre-broiled/kashered liver. Steer liver tastes better to me than chicken livers. There is a commercial chopped liver on the market that tastes great.


    thanks. but do you know what kind of fish?


    Honestly Professional. obviously you are not a culinary professional! Does that loaf of A and B really taste like anything to you?


    My wife makes a delicious gefilte fish from scratch but she uses carp.

    She said you might be able to use pike and/or whitefish but she is not sure.

    What makes a fish heimishe though? Are tuna-beigels also considered heimishe fish?


    Heimshe fish i guess is carp, whitefish and pike.

    Sender Av

    We never grind the liver, we always grate it. We like that consistancy better(more chopped than spread)(i.e. the real stuff. To make live you need to be sure you have everything separate. You need a broiling pan, a liver fork, a liver knife, and a dish brush to wash these things with.

    Salt both sides of the liver with kosher salt. Put oven on broil and broil each side of liver for about 8 minutes. Remove from oven a let cool. Grate into bowl.

    Boil Hard Boiled Eggs(about 4-5 per piece of liver(should be same amount or more egg than liver(depending on how strong you want the taste). Peel and grate into liver mixture.

    Saute 1-1/2 -2 onions,depending on amount of liver in a lot of oil(you will use this for the liver). Add onions and oil into liver and eggs and mix well. Salt and pepper to taste.

    Here are my dads measurements:

    1/2 pound liver

    1/2 pound boiled eggs(about 4)

    1/2 pound sauteed onions



    I love the fact that these newlyweds try these things, but give them a year and they all buy Shabbos! American girls!

    Sender -It’s much easier to just buy Gebrouten Chicken Labor and fry with onions and oil and then grind by hand.(Or food processor.) Add hard boiled eggs to the grinder with liver acc. to your taste.

    Found this on kosher recipes:

    “Grandma’s Gefilte Fish (pareve) (p. 144)

    Recipe Ingredients:

    1 lb. pike

    1 lb. carp or sea bass

    2 T. matzo meal or bread crumbs

    2 eggs, beaten

    2 onions

    1/2 C. water

    1 t. salt, or to taste

    Dash pepper

    2 carrots, scraped

    1 stalk celery

    Skin and bone fish, saving skin and bones for later use. Put fish and 1 onion through the finest blade of a food chopper, or chop finely. Add beaten eggs, matzo meal, water and seasonings. Mix well.

    Using wet hands, form into balls the size of a lemon. Slice the other onion, carrots and celery and put in a large, heavy pot. Add to this the skin and bones of the fish. Over them, gently place the fish balls. Cover with the cold water and bring to a boil. Skim off any foam that forms, and simmer for 1 1/2-2 hours.

    Remove fish balls and continue to cook broth until it is reduced to about 1/3 of its original volume. Strain broth through several layers of cheesecloth and return fish balls and carrots to broth.

    Cool. Serves 6-8.

    (Suggestion: Fish balls may be made smaller to serve as appetizers.)”

    I personally would switch the carp for whitefish, carp has too much of a fishy, strong taste. There are more gefilte fish recipes there, I just picked the one I thought was the most heimish.

    Sender Av

    Chicken Liver????? Chas V’Shalom!

    …”Where’s the beef???”


    Sender – I personally don’t like beef liver. It’s too strong, like carp.


    Health, I am no newlywed, grandmother a few times over KNH I just want to try making real old fashioned heimshe food because i read about the health benefits of slow cooked foods with bones, (i.e gefilte fish) and organ meats (iE chopped liver) cuz i sure aint eating any other organs!!


    So JL -how did you make Shabbos all these years? You bought take-out?

    Sender Av

    To each their own. I love beef liver. I also won’t touch (i.e. eat) any type of fish(yes that includes gefilte).


    Same way most of you do, Bought easy to make processed food. BUt you have to admit home made gefilte fish and liver dont taste the same as meal mart.


    jl -You also don’t get as much Schar for buying Shabbos, instead of making it. I’m not talking about making it from scratch, even throwing in a frozen fish loaf in a pot is better than buying take-out!

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