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    Hey Everyone,

    I don’t know anything about frum girl’s camps. Really I’m just looking to see how Beis Yaakov these camps are compared to each other. I know its not so important in a shidduch but it could always help in putting together a more accurate and comprehensive view of a person. I also realize that alot of this type of stuff is subjective.

    So if some incredibly kind person could take the time to make some sort of list of frum girls’ camps, with some info like how BY they are or what the girls are like from each, I’d really really appreciate it.

    Kol Tuv

    Ve’tizku Le’Mitzvos




    frum girls more towards yeshivish, solid BY


    all diffrent types*****(see Sternberg) more open minded BY


    frum girls more open minded & yeshivish solid BY


    frum girls more open minded-BY


    *****all diffrent types meaning: out of town, in town, frum, yeshivish, middle, modern etc. its a very open minded and everyone can go type of camp

    A lot of camps dont have a certain type they get tons of different girls you have to look at were they live, school etc. to get a better picture. Some camps are known to be fancier, more in town, flatbush, out of town, aidel etc. than others

    personally I know many girls who go to a camp which on paper is sooooo nooottt their type at all but they love it!!!!

    so really check out the individual!!!!


    Pashuteh Yid

    Sternberg is super-great. Wonderful warm girls of all types. Real ahavas yisroel towards all. My daughters love it every year. Simple living quarters, girls learn to get by without all the gashmius. They have a zoo and lake with paddle boating and pool, and every visiting day I meet all my old Chaverim from all kinds of Yeshivas. Very normal atmosphere. Accomodate special needs campers. Super camp.


    Pashuteh Yid

    BTW, the fact that Sternberg has kids from so many backgrounds shows how each group can learn from and inspire the others. This nonsense about needing to separate from girls who are not on my level because they will be a bad hashpaah is baloney. I never heard of any girl who was influenced in a bad way from another girl at Sternberg. They all are uplifted each in their own way. It should be a lesson for the elitist communities and schools everywhere. The best hashpaah of all is ahavas yisroel.


    Sister Bear

    Yeah you can’t judge someone based on what camp they go to. I went to Sternberg and there were girls who yeah were modern but great girls nonetheless and then I have a really close friend who doesn’t have internet.

    So too, if someone goes to a really Bais Yaakov type of camp, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are Bais Yaakov at all.

    Just to add to shaindel’s list:

    MALKA – new one, solid BY girls, more I think a Lakewood type.

    CHAVIVA – solid BY girls, open minded. More of a Brooklyn crowd, I think.

    Many just have slight differences and everyone is different. Check out the girl, NOT the camp.

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