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    I am not in high school and im that age so i have no to tell me where to go or at so im having lots of trouble…. where should i go? which would u recommend more to me bjj, bnos sarah, or bnos chava? im going their leshem learning torah so which would b best?


    Troll alert (not just based on this).

    Shopping613 🌠

    Seminaries, I know of not.

    But I do know, you may find better answers, and be taken more seriously if you write with proper grammar.

    I’m talking from experience.

    Good Luck!



    Not sure how to answer you… What are u looking for in a seminary? Wats ur type? Wat type of girls do u want in a sem? More hashkafa or more text based?


    randomex i assume that ur the troll since ur blaming so for that and im not a troll i actaully am in that situation and not making it up thats exactly y i REALLY need help looing for a sem!!


    mitzvah girl 613 – i am looking for VERY academic and i would prefer yeshivish so thats y im looking into bnos sarah and bnos chava and bjj?


    BJJ: very mixed crowd, very academic and “text-based”

    Bnos Sarah: more out of town crowd, warm and homey, less academic than BJJ but still “text-based”

    Bnos Chava: your typical Flatbush girl kind of crowd (or 5-towns), not very text-based

    Just be aware that there are many other seminaries out there and each year new ones open. Don’t limit yourself to only 3. Do your research and find out about a lot of places, then narrow your selection based on what you hear. Also speak to alumni of the schools you are considering. They have the most first-hand and accurate information.



    yenta chaya thanks for telling me that i actually am not from new york or new jersey and i didnt have the best time with a bais yaakov high school and thats y i left and started college CRAZY early!! its a huge surprise that unfortunately when pple say that their r good kids that could end up off the derech bc their not in the right school – that was me unfortunately and the right school for me was college – thats REALLY sad for a good yeshivish girl to have to say that:( but anyways now im looking forward for another chance with the bais yaakov system and am looking into academic schools like bjj and bnos chava and bnos sarah? which would u recommend? i take night sem also.


    lol im taking classes at a night sem so hopefully i will get in and also im a very good yeshivish girl its just that the school system didnt work for me!!


    I don’t know if seminaries like people who skip high school and go straight to college.


    o well depends on the girl most of them go otd but in fact i went more frumer b’h:) and learnt what not to do from the goyim:)


    Don’t discourage someone who (might be) looking to do the right thing. I think lookingforsem that you should look into not typical seminaries. There are many which are not as popular and where being in college is not a drawback . Good luck!


    lol im not looking for a college seminary i WANT to go to israel to learn in a frum typical by seminary im a girl who wants a bais yaakov seminary and very academic seminary its not like im otd or st its just that i left early and went to college once again im in a 2nd yr night seminary so its not like im not in any type of hebrew school and im ALWAYS around frum people

    Letakein Girl

    We understand what you want. Now it’s your turn to understand what the sems want.

    Sems like BJJ, Bnos Sarah/Chava are not looking for girls that left the BY system and went to college early.

    There are many wonderful sems that you would really enjoy! Please be realistic… You don’t want to end up in a situation where next year comes around and you weren’t accepted to any seminary.


    letakein girl – so where would b a good yeshivish academic seminary for girls like me and dont forget that im transfering from a 2nd yr seminary not college


    How about Bnos Avigail? From what I heard, it is going to be a new seminary opening this year by Rebbitzin Tzipporah Heller who does have a lot of experience in these things. It is supposed to be VERY academic, everything is going to be text based. They are going to split up the year into 3 terms. Each term will have a theme – bein adam lamakom, bein adam lachaveiro, and bein adam leatzmo, and everything that will be taught, all tiyulim, and extracurricular things that they do during that term will have to do with the theme.

    It sounds like it will be a great seminary, and maybe since it is going to be the first year they will be more open to accepting people coming from different places.


    kkls – once again i need a sem that has more experience i have listened to her speeches im sure itll b great but only prob is that i need a school that was opened for more yrs that has already had more experience


    Why? That sem sounds amazing for u! Remember to keep ur options open!


    LookingforSem, Whatever you choose, may you have success in finding and doing well in Seminary


    amen:) now i need help looking for a good sem for me

    mitzvah girl 613 – u dont kw me and u dont kw what my school put me thru and so thats y that sem wouldnt b good for me since i much rather b in a larger school and b able to choose classes i want to attend like in a college and b around more yeshivish girls and have very academic classes and thats y i was thinking about those sems i dont think bnos avigiel will b able to offer that to me


    lookingforsem – Very seriously, I would strongly recommend not going to Benos Chava, etc., as you are too mature (and not malleable enough) for your standard Bais Yaakov Seminary.

    How about instead of “Sem”, why not go to the Midrasha at Bar Ilan? It would seem to fit your qualifications.

    Barring that, you can try Michlalah (which is also not a “Sem” but does fit your qualifications), but as I understand it they have an extremely difficult entrance exam.



    its true i am VERY mature for my age blianhara but i still want to b able to do stuff the same way girls my age are doing them like going to sem and stuff




    that doesnt help tho when it comes to sem i need to find a good sem for me

    Letakein Girl



    latakein girl – u going to sem this coming school yr? which sem would u recommend?

    voos epes

    So don’t go to seminary and that’s it


    voos epes – i do want to go to sem and yes i will try to do at to go

    Letakein Girl

    Homestly, I don’t know if you’re mature enough to do anything other than troll, thereby wasting people’s time.

    Clarification: my post [;)] was meant to go after ivory’s post [very.] As in, I’m agreeing with him/ her regarding your level of maturity.


    latekein girl and ivory – please do not make mean comments on here thank you


    ironic 😉

    Letakein Girl


    Please do not troll. Thank you.


    oyoy – whys that ironic i dont want anyone saying anything mean about something like im wasting my life and other peoples time when in real life thats not true at all im actually totally the opposite going to college at my age people ask me to slow down!!


    letakein girl – im not trolling can you please tell me how im trolling?

    voos epes

    Your whole story makes no sense and I don’t understand what your saying most of the time no offense


    oos epes – how doesnt it make sense tell me what you think im saying?

    voos epes

    It just sounds fishy


    o well its not it sounds fishy for an out of towner but not in in towner


    i explained it but the mods took away my comment and urs that i commented on


    lookingforsem do you have a rebbe or teacher or mentor? it sounds like getting one would give you lots of help in many areas

    (i’m saying this in a completely non-insulting non-condescending way)


    oyoy – not insulting at all many people have said that to me only problem is that i feel like im doing all the right stuff so no need for me to get a mentor or teacher or rebbe but once again i do listen to a lot of speeches and go to a night sem so im well off b’h but my problem is that i need a sem and dont know how to apply and dont even know if i really want to go to sem or not

    voos epes

    So why is your username lookingforsem? If your around 18 you may as well go your to young to get married so why not?


    voos epes – actually 18 is the starting age of getting married and dating and all those stuff:)

    voos epes

    By litvish also? I always thought you get married around 22-23 interesting


    voos epes – thats only the people who are waiting to finish college and then get married:)

    voos epes

    Ahh ok I understand


    voos epes – what are you chasidish?!

    voos epes

    Yes satmar (look at my profile)

    Letakein Girl


    Everything he could use a mashpia! Even if you’re doing “all the right stuff” there’s always something that you can discuss with that person.. Right now, for example, this person would help you out with sem!


    voos epes – sorry it says that i cant see your profile and since your satmar i thought satmars dont use the internet?

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