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    Please daven for a 2 month old baby who contracted a serious virus and is being treated in the ICU in an Israeli hospital.

    His name is Yitzchak Shalom ben Shoshana Elisheva.

    tizku l’mitzvos.


    Refuah shelaima to Yitzchak Shalom ben Shoshana Elisheva, along with all other cholei Yisrael!!!

    The Best Bubby

    I will add his name to my tehillim list and I will bake challah with 40 women I’YH.

    May Yitzchak Shalom ben Shoshana Elisheva have a complete refuah shelaima be karov, Amen!


    Wow best bubby– I really admire people like you. Mi keamcha Yisreal!!!!


    I have been through this situation with my granddaughter. Yitzchak Shalom ben Shoshana Elisheva should have a refuah shelaima b’soch sh’or cholei Yisroel. It is very, very scary when it is a little pitzel who needs to be hospitalized. May all your worries turn out to be for nothing, and he should return home to his own crib and his ema and abba’s arms in 100% good health, b’korov.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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