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    I think Netanyahu is a hero for going to United States and giving his speech even though lots of democrats are not going to be in congress for his speech.


    I agree googleman. As of now around 30 congress and 3 senators or so are boycotting. Out of 535 that is very little. If this speech goes well and he wins the election, both of which are probable, he will be ahead of any other leader in Israels History in stature (including Begin, Sharon, Ben Gourion , etc). The last 24 hours the Obama admin has eased up the pressure on him as they must sense that they lost this battle.

    Nobody is going to care in a week or even a day if the invitation lacked protocol or Not and nobody can do a better job on this subject in a prepared speech then BIBI. Also according to a new Gallup poll today, Bibi has a much more fav / unfav rating then Obama does in the USA.


    Great speech!!!!


    why are you hiding the news from klal yisroel? You are scared to provide Jews with relevant info to the matters you choose to publish? you publish every phrase said by small fries on iran but you hide from the klal what Obama said for 20 minutes the day before the speech…which can be fact checked



    why does the ywn feel the need to mislead klal yisroel by cherry picking primary sources to release to the klal? why not inform kal yisroel fully? why fear publishing the transcript and video of Obama’s full interview with Reuters conducted the day before Netanyahu spoke? Why hide info from the klal?


    George Orwell- Because no one really cares what obama says. He’s a rogue president. He went against the majority of Americans and Congress. He has absolutely no credibility.

    ☕️coffee addict

    is netanyahu dressing up as Esther Hamakah for Purim?

    my one request is to keep our nation alive…. and if we would be sold to slavery i would be silent….


    Does anyone else find it ironic that the same man who broke legislative protocol to push his agenda vis a vis illegal immigration and so-called health care reform, is furious with Netanyahu for not following protocol by failing to give him lots of advance notice about being invited to address Congress? To fail to have ANYONE from the White House present, was so disrespectful, which pretty much sums up the contempt the WH has shown Bibi all along.

    Ironic, also, that the man who stood up to the Iran of yesteryear,was an ish Yemini. The Binyamin today, was articulate and compelling.


    Netanyahu is a Tzadik Gomur and such an Oheiv Yisroel. Anyone who even contemplated demonstrating against Netanyahu has no Cheilek in Olom HaBo for such a terrible Chilul haShem.






    kj chusid

    I guess im goin to gehennom as I stood and held a sign against netenyahu and Zionism


    Golfer, thank you. Twice.

    a mamin

    Kj chusid; what have you been drinking??? Is that really you or some imposter?


    Terrible speech, terrible forum. When foreign governments, even allies, kibbitz in US politics, they risk getting on the wrong side of the US party they are not supporting. When a Republican gets into the White House, he/she will not want any Israeli prime minister cozying up to Democrats.

    The speech itself told us nothing we do not already know.


    nfgo- to be honest I don’t think this is a matter of sharing new information. It is a matter of showing that when someone threatens the Jewish epople, he won’t sit still and watch us get destroyed. He did his hishtadlus..

    Like Guiliani said so beautifully “if somepone threatened to detroy New York, I would go anywhere in the world to defend it..”

    To be honest, I was so proud ot be a Jew listening to his speech. (Sorry KJ chisud) Yes he is secular, yes there might be scandels attached to him. But aren’t there scandels attached to each of us. Its so easy for us to jump on him and attack, when honestly the words coming out of his mouth were Emes, words from Hashem. Finnaly someone who has the guts to stand up and say “we the Jewish people wil not stand for this, and we will do it even if we are standing alone.”

    I am sorry if I have offended people with the way I view it. I respect the way you view it to, as to each their own. But I personally feel pride in someone walking before one of the supposivly strongest nations in the free world, talking Torah and standing up for me, a Jew in Galus.

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