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    Hi every body do any body know about Neurolinks Physio-Neuro it’s in Lakewood and in brooklyn and they claim to help with learning disability did any body ever do it before do any body have feedback and it helps with add thanks lmk😁


    My son is currently enrolled in their program. It’s only been a few weeks so I can’t really offer any opinion.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I don’t think you should look for opinions on this here.
    I think this could end up being loshon hora.
    I have head people say it works amazing and other say it is a scam.
    Please, try asking real people, in real life.
    Don’t take anything on the internet at face values and never take medical or therapeutic advice from strangers on a forum.


    You can ask verified graduates of the program (not sure if that’s what it’s called, but you know what I mean) and get their opinions. Their opinions are based on real experience, so they are reliable, and it isn’t lashon hara.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    It’s not lashon hara to talk to someone in private (not on public forum) about their experience with vendor a (in this case Neurolinks). If the person lies about their experience to get you to use them as well they are being over on “lifnei iver lo siten michshol”.


    My daughter is a graduate of the program..
    I was in the Brooklyn location
    There was definitely a lot of improvement..
    But in my was not 100%
    It really depends what the original issue is..
    and I knew people that did it and they were super satisfied…
    My daughter is still in a self contained class..
    the goal is to mainstream her..obviously.
    And I am NOT sorry I did the program- I am sure we are ahead.
    Hatzlacha rabba


    Anybody else


    Hello all,

    I’ve know several children who went through the system.

    Case #1: Nephew
    Self-contained child, couldn’t follow simple direction such as get up and put on your pajamas…
    He’s now fully mainstreamed doing very well in class. Very mature and self-confident.

    Case #2: Another Nephew
    Having hard time in mesivta, on the verge of getting kicked out…
    He’s now shteiging amazingly well , his rebbeim testify to the transformation.

    These children also had severe reading issues which was tremendously improved with Neurolinks.

    Case #3: My own 10 year old daughter.
    Was getting pulled out 8x per week for hebrew and english. Failing tests in school. Severe case of sensory (I have sensory as well…) leading to daily morning tantrums when having to put on tights and make ponies…

    At the end of the program, sensory issues are almost none, tantrums – never, getting great marks on tests, pulled out of class – none.

    She’s matured a TON because of the program, became very sociable, helping alot around the house, and developed a special relationship with my wife as well…

    We’re now putting our second daughter through it…

    We worked with Mrs. Taub from the Lakewood branch who’s tremendously caring and an expert in the system. I cannot recommend it enough.

    Note: Your success will depend on following what you were instructed to do. We and the successes we know of all followed the system exactly as instructed.

    I would suggest that the previous commenter should keep up the excercises that are relevent to their child’s weakness… because that will help boost the child even higher…

    I’ll bli neder keep an eye on this thread in case there are more specific questions…


    Do you work for them


    What exactly is the program? What do they do?


    I’m seeing their heavy advertisement recently and I’m always wondering what this is all about. Is this therapy or exercise classes? Is this for children only or also for adults? Anybody familiar?


    It’s for learning disabilities


    They advertise results. What is the process?


    In a nutshell — think of it like a car…

    All we see is a gas pedal, brake, and steering wheel…

    But if you open the hood, there are many other moving parts that make these 3 things work…

    The brain is the same…

    we take in the world around us through seeing, hearing etc.

    But the brain has many moving parts that help us understand what we see and hear around us…

    If any of those moving parts are weak, then the child will be unable to take in the world around them properly…

    Same as if any parts under the hood are weak, it will affect how the car will respond to the gas, brake, and steering…

    It’s not a broken gas pedal… it’s an underlying issue…

    This is the underlying cause for learning issues, behavioral, and social issues.

    These children are basically living a missing world around them, resulting in a wide buffet of different kinds of issues…

    Neurolinks was developed based on Neuro-scientific-studies zooming into these weaknesses and figuring out how to make them stronger…

    Which causes the issues you may see like reading issues, spelling, or behavior to fall into place the way they naturally should’ve…

    At the evalution, the instructor will test your child and tell you exactly which points are weak…

    The system will be adjusted accordingly to give your child what they need.

    After seeing my first daughter’s transformation, I’ve taken on the role as their Business consultant…

    This required me to do research to understand what was really behind the program – which allowed me to elaborate here.

    By the way, this exact system is in many states and other countries as well, under different names.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    keej123; sorry to be so blunt but that sounds like a lovely sales pitch for an awful lot of popcorn. If it’s real it can be described normally. For example if someone has a blocked artery the procedure to open it isn’t that everything is hidden and balloon needles work magic. Doctor explains that balloon is inserted deflated and then inflated , etc. So how exactly does this program improve neural pathways? What is it doing?


    To get more specific…

    From what I’ve read in the book authored by the one who created the program, Neuro Science has proven that the mind has the ability to strengthen itself when it is challenged, just as a muscle gets stronger when it is challenged by weight.

    Let’s say there’s a child who has trouble knowing their time and place…

    When trying to do a physical activity that requires proper judgement, for instance.

    Throwing a ball from hand to hand means you need to judge how hard to throw, how high, etc.

    Someone who struggles with proper judgement will not be able to perform this simple task as throwing a small ball from hand to hand.

    By challenging the proper judgement process – on a physical level, the mind will strengthen that area, just as a muscle will get stronger when it challenged by heavy weight.

    There are dozens and dozens of exercises of this nature in the program.

    The child is assigned their exercises for that week and must master them before passing on to the next level of exercises. The child either passes the exercise and is giving the next set of activities, or must practice them again over the next week.

    That’s why it’s a 6 – 8 month program.

    There are 10 different areas that are worked on by Neurolinks, and there are physical and mental activities designed to challenge those weaknesses.

    I make no apologies for providing a simplistic understanding of the program. I do appreciate however that you inquired for more detail.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    it is real but is still very difficult to explain. I would not have chosen to explain it the way it was explained above but even doing it differently doesn’t guarantee someone reading it online in 2 dimensions will understand it. Still that doesn’t change the effectiveness. It works when used by those who can benefit. Just like sensory therapy is hard to explain to many, and not even parents who live it can explain it well, but it is real and it works for kids with sensory issues. When parents insist on treating ADHD with SI treatment it won’t work, but not because it isn’t real or genuine.


    The process of sensory therapy is very easy to explain. How it works is a different matter.

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