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    #NeverTrump: A Final Word

    By William Kristol

    3:30 PM, Nov 07, 2016

    If you’ll permit me a personal note on Election Eve (and if you won’t permit it, feel free to stop reading now!):

    I’ve had 30 lucky years in Washington. I was lucky to have been able to serve in a small role in the second term of the Reagan Administration. I was lucky to have been able to help accomplish a few things as the vice president’s chief of staff under President George H. W. Bush. I was lucky to have been involved with the Project for the Republican Future, the Project for a New American Century, and the Emergency Committee for Israel, all of which fought for causes in which I believed then and believe now. I’ve been lucky over the past two decades to have been able to help make possible so much good writing by my colleagues at THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

    And I’m lucky I had a chance to stand with so many allies, known and unknown, in the effort that came to be called #NeverTrump. In Donald J. Trump we faced a candidate who is a repulsive person, with dangerous prejudices, who’s unfit to be president. Whatever the results tomorrow, I’m proud to have been a part of the opposition to him. We chose to fight and we were right to do so.

    After Election Day we should mostly look forward and not back. There will be too much work to do to spend much time on retrospectives or recriminations. But before we all move on, I do want to reiterate one last time, to allies I’ve had the privilege of working with and to opponents I’ve had the pleasure of fighting: #NeverTrump.




    The real question is how much support the #NeverCanada movement really has.


    The prison infirmary better beef up their security to house Hillary for a long while to come.


    i guess then you better start packing & start heading out of the USA


    1. Obama or Trump will pardon Hillary (or perhaps merely ask the Justice Department to exercise its lawful discretion and leave her alone – there is no legal duty to prosecute under American law).

    2. Trump is an actor. He’ll probably stop reprising his role in “The apprentice” and take up basing his character on “West Wing.”

    3. Trump will probably work closely with the conservatives who were not overly thrilled with him, whereas the Democrats will increasingly be the part of Sanders and Warren. Remember that Trump is really more of a conservative Democrat (something that no longer exists) but he’ll want to keep the social conservative, the neo-cons, the Tea Party and even the “Country Club” Republicans in line.

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