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    I’m a bit confused. dems are trying to pass a bill regulating elections, including banning requirements for Id, etc.

    aren’t voting laws the states’ jurisdiction and not federal?


    Yea, they’re trying to federalize elections. The bill is otherwise known as the “Permanent Democrat Control” bill.


    > aren’t voting laws the states’ jurisdiction and not federal?

    not if you a liberal. American constitution is an unequitable product of slave-owners that prevents us from moving towards the happy future as fast as Cuba and USSR O’H.

    Btw, can we do a show of hands? whose yeshiva taught enough of material to appreciate US federal system?


    Seems people need a reminder of January 6th 2021.

    A stunning 147 Republicans in Congress voted to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election based on lies about widespread voter fraud ― lies that, by lawmakers’ own admission, incited supporters of then-President Donald Trump to violently storm the U.S. Capitol in January. The ultimately unsuccessful effort sought to toss out electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania, potentially disenfranchising millions of Americans.


    Jackk because the democrats stole the election. Now they are trying to cement their power before a red wave comes and takes back the house and senate.



    Participant asked a good question. This is a thread about the federal vs states government’s power regarding elections.
    Federal GOP representatives are guilty of taking over states rights on Jan 6th.

    There will be at least 20 challenges brought to the SCOTUS if this bill ever becomes law exactly because elections are run by states. The Democratic writer of the bill has said that he has written the bill to stand up to SCOTUS challenges.


    It is both. Mostly state. This bill has real chance of being negated by the courts.


    The nation was named the “United States” for a reason. The left tries to ignore that since it interferes with their agenda.


    jackk because democrats know they become really unpopular when they take office and the only way to hold on is by destroying the country.


    Oh Jackk -“The Democratic writer of the bill has said that he has written the bill to stand up to SCOTUS challenges”

    Like most DemonCrats – he’s living in a Dream World!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if even the Leftist Justices go along with the Conservatives and throw out this bill – if it even becomes law.



    Republicans who throw out anyone who doesn’t believe in the “BIG LIE” are living in fantasy land.
    SCOTUS found Obamacare constitutional despite the lies of the republican party.

    Lakewhut ,
    The democrats are extremely popular and that is why Trump lost by millions.


    jackk > A stunning 147 Republicans …

    at the end, the point of a political system is to keep the country safe from dictators, corruption, and stay strong in the face of outside threads. If we have an election close enough to enable Congress to change the outcome, we can safely make a random draw between the candidates. Anyone who gets 45% of votes is sufficiently qualified to have a mandate… Wilson got less about 42% in 1912 – and 400+ electoral votes! – and then pursued some of his dreams that did not work well in reality …

    on the other hands, suggestions to change the government structure that worked so far risks throwing the baby with the bathwater

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