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    cutie pie

    lol! Yea, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it! 🙂

    and btw we started the third page!! 🙂

    It’s really cute how we met totally indirectly in the CR, it’s kinda funny! I mean, when I started coming into the CR, I never would’ve thought that someone would discover who I am, and here we are….lol 🙂


    Yea it really is cute, I didn’t think anyone would discover me either (I guess I gave it away by saying I’m a cousin of….And then u said something and I googled ur old posts and got a profile and u sort of gave it away by one of the posts but just I would chop since….) But I don’t regret it. Anyways I think its ur turn for me to try to find u someone so I asked ur bro more about u, but I want to know if u could narrow it down more clearly (how many years…) But I know there is a very fine line as to what we can post so do so carefully, or maybe we will correspond outside of the CR (email or maybe a seuda……lol!.) 🙂

    cutie pie

    I’m a little confused how u got a profile of me, and which post did I give it away? Uh-oh! lol 🙂

    dunno abt the years, maybe 5? But it’s just a guess because it’s hard to know, maybe as long as possible but not to go overboard. Do I make any sense?

    And yea, it’s hard to be posting publicly since we can’t really be giving anything away, so outside the CR will be better! 🙂

    Don’t have ur email address…And ur still welcome for a seuda… 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 101 through 103 (of 103 total)
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