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    ginas vradim

    another classic, is right on target. I have known R’ Boruch from 20+ years ago from EC and back then, he was already on tapes (remember those?) Using his musical talents, playing at Russian simchos, composing songs while in the mesivta years. Much hatzlacha and may other musicians follow his lead. WE WANT JEWISH MUSIC!!!!


    I’ll settle for “we want music”. Some of the loud noise that passes for music (even “jewish”) these days is just loud and annoying.

    I am I the only one who is disgusted by a recently released CD, that uses the music from the song Axle F (from the movie Beverly Hills Cop) to introducea song with words from sefer tehillim?


    wow … jphone:

    don’t get me started. Axle F isn’t even the worst of it. Here is a partial list of singers/bands that jewish music has copied from:

    Guns and Roses, Andrew Loyd Webber, U2, Abba, Usher, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and others who I cannot remember off the top of my head right now

    I think that most non-jewish music today is better than the Jewish stuff … at least they tell us exactly what their music will be like (that was sarcastic btw)


    I’m so impressed by all of the beki’im in goyish music!! you are mamash able to shtell tzoo every song to the goyish band from where it originated from.


    swieb91- hey, how are you such a ‘boki’ in goyishe music?


    I hope you guys are only asking rhetorically. You’ve got to know that a TON of what you listen to is copied from the goyish – whole songs, partial songs, interludes, introductions, etc. My friends in the business who ARE ‘bekiyim’ have shown me things that shocked me, and I was already cynical. Nothing is original.


    willi … i’m not justifying my listening to non-jewish music … but at least there is some talent involved … not like the jewish music hwhich is copied.

    However, you are totaly missing my point, which is, regardless of how I know it, that is the (sad and pathetic) state of Jewish music today.

    Whether it was the old singers (MBD for example) or the new ones lots of stuff is taken from non jewish music … that’s probably why some of it actually sounds good


    sweib – You are sadly mistaken thinking that secular music “actually sounds good.” It is pure rubbish.

    YFR Bachur

    I dont know why we are disscussing the bad parts of “jewish” music when Rabbi Levine composes and sings some of the most jewish music in the marketplace today.

    Chasoif-Shwekey 2

    Viyayoso Cholom-Sruly williger B’layvov Sholaym

    V’zakeini,V’hoo,Elokai,Es Tsemach,Shmah Koleinu-Boruch’s first album

    Haneshomoh,Ki Hu,Vehevai Yodea,V’al Dah,Kol Haberurim,Samchem-this new album

    Ein Aroch, Yehai zeh,Dovid Melech (oorah 5767),Ritzei (Oorah 5768),Ein hakadosh boruch hu (waterbury), among many other beutiful melodies

    Many Kumzitz songs are rabbi levine compositions.

    make sure that you listen to the music BEFORE you bury the artist.

    NO I am not related to Rabbi Levine, Just a long time Rayim boy


    Whats the difference how I know from “foreigner”, “axel f”, “AC/DC” etc… at least I dont make an attempt to fool myself, or others that I am enjoying “nice jewish music”.

    It is what is called a “red herring”. The fact remains that alot of what passes for “jewish” music today, in fact has its roots in what is called today “classic rock”, pop, techno music and many times, not just roots, but the ACTUAL music, whether as an intro to a song or the actual tune of song is from a non jewish source.

    Next time you are at a simcha and dance the hora to Piamentas asher bara, think “men at work”, when you hear Benny Amars new “Sova” think Beverly Hills Cop. Next time you see a guitarist at a simcha gyrate, think Prince, Michael Jackson and others “heimishe menchen”.

    Perhaps all “jewish” music should now come with an “ishur” that that the words and tunes do not derive from non jewish sources just so those who are not “beki’im” should know the source for their musical entertainment.

    World Saver

    It worth buying this album for Vehevei Yodeya (track 6?)


    I’m always amused by discussions of what ” Jewish ” music is. We’ve always adapted the music of the surrounding culture. What a Bukharin Jew would consider to be Jewish music sounds nothing like what the Litvish or Chassidish Jew considers to be Jewish music. Forget what the words were, there is nothing wrong with adapting the melody of a goyish song if it’s good. Much of what passes


    World Saver – I agree 100%

    I was actually not sure if I should buy it or not but then I heard that song (and it is track 6) and that night I went to buy it….


    “amod chasan hatorah” is a useless song


    has any of you thought maybe the goyim has copied us?


    great cd-very pleasant!




    I’m always amused by discussions of what ” Jewish ” music is. We’ve always adapted the music of the surrounding culture. What a Bukharin Jew would consider to be Jewish music sounds nothing like what the Litvish or Chassidish Jew considers to be Jewish music. Forget what the words were, there is nothing wrong with adapting the melody of a goyish song if it’s good. Much of what passes

    Posted 2 weeks ago #


    This statement is correct, but only to a degree. There is real Jewish music. It originates with the Trope utilized when we read the Torah, the Haphtorot and the Megillot. From there came nusach hatephila. That is distinctively Jewish music. Granted it has its earliest roots in Greek tetrachords, but so does nearly all music. Additionally, Glantz and Idelsohn showed how Jews altered and maniulated those tetrachords and created a unique Jewish sound. And BTW, ashkenazic nusach, which is now based upon scaler adaptations of the trope, is not all the different from the makkamot based sephardic nusach. The two sound different due to pronounciation issues and the musical instruments. But the tonal patterns are remarkably similar. In fact, Leib Glantz was so adroit at purifying ashkenazi nuach, that Yemeni Jews often identified very strongly with his chazzanut.


    chaim berliner



    i recently heard the Axle F theme song on a chassidishe exercise CD. I checked the case and it said “Chassidishe tzefardaya (frog)” !!!! I also saw a Bais Yaakov dance in a play done to this song.


    Jphone, I think your original post was exactly ginas vradim’s point. He was complimenting Boruch Levine’s cd because it was truly Jewish- unlike some of the other cd’s out there. But thanks for changing this thread into a “let’s bash Jewish music” thread. I wanted to know more about the cd before I bought it, but unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to find that information here…


    Willi-swieb91- “hey, how are you such a ‘boki’ in goyishe music”? First of all it is none of your business how he is a boki-2nd that question might be onas devarim since he might be a Ger or a baal teshuve or a ffb who listens to nonJewish music


    The cd has a bit of a different style than the last one, which I thought was one of the best out there, and I still think the second one is one of the best.

    BTW, he has a website now – http://www.baruchlevine.com.

    For those that play music, there is sheet music, and also demos of the songs.


    Another trip down memory lane

    “amod chasan hatorah” is a useless song

    isn’t his an apt username? of all the songs he chose as useless, he ended up choosing the one that became the most popular.

    mentch tract un gut lacht


    I think the title of this thread should be changed. It is a disgrace to Boruch Levine who’s music is beautiful and purely Jewish (at least I think/hope so…)



    sorry I did not realize that my bump would be taken out of the very narrow context that I mentioned in my post. as some of you may know, I actually love boruch Levine’s style of music and did not mean to defame or besmirch him in any way shape or form . sorry if it came out that way

    I don’t think it was you, I think it was everyone else -29


    Jewish music is wonderful. Where is it?


    Jewish music, Montana (population 37,050) is located about halfway between settlers gulch, Montana and settlers end ,Idaho. its population increases to about 50,000 during the summer months, due to increased tourism


    2bornot2b, it was not you at all. The thread was started to discuss BL’s album but spun off to criticism of Jewish music. I felt the title was not fair to BL.


    1. You replied to 2bornot2b

    2. You changed PAA’s Report Card thread

    3. Your just a nice guy/gal(?)!


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Is he coming out with a new one any time soon?

    ☕️coffee addict


    Was that a joke? I just saw an email from mostly music that he just came out with one called “off the record”

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I had heard he was coming out with one.

    It’s made of medleys of old English songs.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Anybody buy it?


    DY ya its very good

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


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