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    Avi K

    Meir Porush was asked about Omer Yankelovich, the female Chareidi attorney running on the Blue and White List. He said
    “כשעומר ינקלביץ ילך לבד ברשימה – נראה אם הוא נכנס”. Apparently it is now prohibited to use the female gender. The question is whether use of the female gender is immodest or if Porush is reacting to the new trend to use the female gender when referring to someone (or even an animal) of any gender.

    anonymous Jew

    This is nothing new. About 20 years ago my son in law was teaching a psychology course at Touro in Flatbush. Two Bais Yaacov graduates accused him of using indecent, foul language and filed a complaint. His crime, using the word sex. It was used in terms of genders , not procreation, and the girls were told that they were in college, not Bais Yaacov.

    ☕️coffee addict


    Can you translate please


    Guess you never knew Country Yossi song: “Who is He and He is She”…

    A chassidishe “who” means “he” which means “she”

    Don’t you get it? If not, become a Litvak (too late for Chabad membership – it is all filled)




    I’m a Litvak (paternal side)
    We learned:
    Me is Who, Who is He, He is She and Dog is Fish…………………………………

    Long before Country Yossi was in diapers

    Yabia Omer

    Porush was being facetious. Kind of like “if you wanna be a man I’ll refer to you like a man”.

    Avi K

    AJ, once a certain filter I was using blocked a site because it referred to a place called Middlesex .

    CA, don’t you know how to use a translator on Google? Porush used the male form of the verb (in Hebrew it is different in the first and second persons) and referred to her as “he”.

    CTL, do you say “kol hasoneh halchot kol yom”?

    YO, are you his spokesperson?


    CTL: Country Yossi is your age.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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