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    Someone asked me this question out of curiosity and thought why not run it by the chashuvah chevra on YW, to see what they think

    The new coors light bottle turns blue and that is when you know it is cold enough to drink. Is there a problem with this on shabbos? Putting it in on shabbos, would you be causing colors to change and thus “coloring” on shabbos? Or what about taking it, when the bottle cools down, it turns back to white, so would that be “erasing” the color from the bottle?


    i asked my rabbi this shaila re: sippy cups that change colour. He tried it at his table and said it was fine.

    seems to me this bottle would be the same.

    but as always, why ask us? ask a rav!


    Don’t drink beer.


    give me a break…. do what your name says!

    interesting shaila… go check it up all you masmidei YW!


    Told him to ask his rav and still figures, why not ask it here

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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