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    im sure u have all heard of the game concentration if not the weay it works is usualluy with numbers. everyone has a number and when ur number is called u say ur number twice and then say someone elses number twice

    EX:(i am number 2 and my number was called) “2,2,4,4” and then 4 responds by saying her number twice and then someone elses

    Here its gonna work with screennames

    1)u must respond within an hr if not u are out

    2)if u say a name that is out, u r out

    3)u cant go back to the person who called u

    3)if u say someone who isnt a current member u r out





    wm u lose eclipse isnt a poster anymore


    let’s try this again, shall we? just one q-if someone gets out, who takes over?


    yogibooboo,yogibooboo, chayav,chayav(except now im going to bed so i cant get out cuz that wouldnt be fair!)


    Chayav-boy,a simpler game please.

    Lazy typists are just gonna keep calling Goq…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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