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    A new letter signed by very respected poskim in E”Y states that the majority of sheitel hair comes from Avodah Zarah temples in India & therefore forbidden to be used. Are there matirim & what is their reasoning?


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    1. Much European hair in the past came from nuns who sold the hair to finance themselves. Was it a problem?

    2. If the hair is sold for financial reasons (with the money donated to the Avodah Zarah charities), as opposed to the act of cutting the hair being part of the avodah, is it still a problem.

    3. Are the people opposed to the sheitels also opposed sheitels in general?


    European hair is usually preferred by wig wearers of European descent.

    Avi K

    This was about ten years ago. Since then they have been using Ukrainian hair. Of course, according to some opinions a woman can have one made from her own hair (Mishna Berura 75:15).


    1. Why should it be a problem? who cares what her beliefs or occupation is.
    2. I recall it’s somewhat of a problem, but it should be permitted when it’s a 住驻拽 or 讘讟诇 讘专讜讘, whereas, 转拽专讜讘转 注”讝 is never batel and is prohibited even when it is mixed in with others.
    3. Great question, and I recall that being the drive of many coming out against shaitels ten yrs ago. At the time Rav Blumenkratz ZL was still alive, and he came out with a list and hechsherim, other than that there were not too many that were willing to get involved first.
    Lastly, there were Matirim, i.e. as opposed to the facts that others came out with, they claimed that it is not exactly cut (based on many different discussions and research with Hindu temples) described by Rabbi Dunner who Rav Elyashiv sent or represented, and thus not exactly considered as Takrovas Avodah Zarah

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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