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    Just heard the new MBD album.

    Gotta say, his voice is better then ever.

    A few good songs (like 4). The rest as fillers in my opinion.

    But the voice….OMG…..sounds better singing garbage songs then anyone else singing a hit song!

    Anyone else?


    I heard part of one song, but I have to agree with you – it was really good!


    Yes. For good reason he’s the King of Jewish Music. I like his new album too.


    he sounds great singing hit songs too!


    I used to get annoyed when all my brother wanted to listen to was MBD but now I see that he really is The King of Jewish Miusic! He really has a great voice and I was watching The Event and he was jumping up and down with Lipa. While Lipa was losing his breath MBD was not and he is old enought to be Lipa’s father.


    postsemgirl –

    “when lipa was losing his breath mbd was not and hes old enough to be lipas father”

    is this the way seminaries teach you how to talk aout others erev rh”? so maybe mbd can hold it out 4 longer but to say it so straight out!- why do you have to degrade someone just because you are praising someone else? i wish you a ksiva vchasima tovah. i just want to understand it. maybe you just didnt word it the way it was supposed to be.


    We just got MBD’s new CD for a gift. It is super!! If u dont have a copy yet go out and buy one!


    all of the above in my opinion is 100% correct though the new shwekey which seems to be a rival of the new MBD is another proof of shwekey being second to none in the jewish music. I wanna know ur opinions on the new shwekey!


    attention mods: as a frum website, i’m shocked that such topics are permitted as it is such a stumbling block for a person to speak lashon hara. It is actually considered lashon hara to say anything negative about a product, book, album put out by a yid because it can be degrading/shaming and make a yid (in this case a singer) lose money!!! I’m not trying to criticize anyone I’m just saying that unless this entire thread is full of rave reviews of the albums in question, there’s gonna be some lashon hara!!!


    oshy, we had a thread on that that was closed.


    sunflower- you’re right. I’m sorry. All I was trying to say is that even thought MBD is not so young anymore, he is still able to sing and perform like a young man. I was not trying to put Lipa down. Believe me if I would jump like him I wouldn’t be able to breath let alone sing. They are both amazing.



    Striving, we are allowed to point out that a product may not be what you are looking for, no matter who makes it. If I say Golden Square CY ice cream is too sweet, there is no aveirah. The problem comes when someone makes negative remarks that have more to do with the producer than the product, where the issue is one of personal taste and not objective.

    Postsem – while MBD goes out of his way to preserve his health and physical strength (ad 120 and far beyond), keep in mind Lipa performed far more sets and was already performing for a while when MBD came on stage :).

    I’m holding off on the album because I prefer a disc to a download and may travel soon, but what I heard on the online radio makes it clear that MBD is really back in full force. The album is more than worthwhile – it is another Pray and Sing where even the filler is good – and he should be zoiche to sing at the shofar concert that precedes the arrival of the real MBD – Moshiach ben David!


    amen! nicely said


    i was at awedding last night and they played songs from the new MBD and Shweckey. sounds amazing!


    thanks for clarifying postsemgirl.


    What happened to Eli Laufer, he did almost the whole Efshar L’taken now he dissapeared


    postsemgirl: It appears as if sunflower was kidding with you.

    Anyhow I also get so annoyed when a new cd comes out & most of the songs are fillers, its like your paying for two songs. you might as well buy them as singles online.

    They have enough time in between cd’s, cant they find at least 5 or 6 decent songs?

    Shticky Guy

    I guess its time again to revive this thread. Nu? Has anyone heard the new MBD album Kissufim yet? Come on. You know you can tell me here in total confidence! Whadaya think? Isnt it just great? He’s the undisputed King!


    Shticky Guy- Tracks 4, 8, and 14 are very good songs.This album is very different from all of MBD’s other albums. This album is a different style.


    Just gave the excerpts of Kissufim a quick listen. It’s on my list for Chol Hamoed. The only negative is that he just as soon could have made it an 11 track album and left out the three filler tracks of wordless niggunim (the Chabad nigun in particular is one that everyone everywhere knows already so there is no point in re-arranging it especially because the new arrangement is nothing earth-shattering.)

    Muti Fine

    if you know were I can get the music sheets for his CD please let me know about it


    Not Impressed! Very Dissapointed!

    However his Kulom Ahuvim album was amazing!!!


    I dunno. I don’t really enjoy the chassidish overtones on the album. Too much accordion for me. But that’s just my personal taste.

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