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    I saw this on Jewish Insights. It was written about this new Schwekey DVD and audio CD that was just released:

    This DVD is of the highest quality and most expensive ever done in Jewish music to Date. It includes the full concert with 16 songs and medleys, plus bonus features as well.


    Is it in the stores yet. I am sure for Chanukah there will be scores of new cds

    Sing Song

    The CD and DVD are in stores. The DVD happens to be a beautiful production and is probably worth buying.

    However, it is almost all his old songs, so buying it on CD would be pretty pointless.

    I would suggest the new Acheinu 3 CD, which from what I hear will be in stores later today (Thursday)…


    don’t diss shweky! it’s NEVER pointless to buy anything he sings on! 😉

    Sing Song

    Totally not dissing!! He has an amazing voice and noone can argue that. I was just saying that you would be buying a cd that has him singing his old songs, just live. Just pop in his old CD and you will enjoy it the same!!

    By the way, most of the songs on the Acheinu CD are composed by Yochanon Shapiro who also composed Shwekeys Im Eshkocheich. And that song happened to have become Shwekeys most popular song….


    Sing Song- I have a strong feeling you are somehow affiliated with the Shapiro brothers or the production of their CD…

    Sing Song

    Beacon – Glad you have strong feelings.


    Why the 50 piece orchestra?


    noitallmr, because the stage was too small for 60 pieces



    But seriously…


    Why would he make a cd of his old songs?

    Sing Song

    It is a CD of a live performance in Israel a few months ago. At the concert he sang alot of his old songs and two new ones.


    so it was a cd of a assur performance … lol

    sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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