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    First, a disclaimer – this is my one-and-only posting to CR, and I’m not a

    regular here, so I may be totally off the mark, but maybe some comments from fresh eyes would be appreciated:

    obviously, men and women, of all ages and types post here. so i guess that’s nice and achdusy, but isnt it also a little too much? why should Mr X with 5 kids know so much info abt Ms. Y in shidduchim? Or Mrs. Plonis be giving advice to Mr Almoni on how to raise his kids? Or a million other examples that I dont have time/need to elaborate on? I doubt (hope) most of the posters wouldnt have these conversations face to face – what makes it OK online? IS it OK online?

    Also whatever happened to having real friends/rabonim who you discussed issues with? Who you actually knew and could value their advice? why waste your time in the coffee room?

    May we be zoche to have clarity in all our actions!


    she sounds like shes against the whole idea of a chat room where people talk to people they don’t instead of their real friends. she thinks its not normal to ask people personal advice.

    Madeinheaven: most times people don’t ask advice is b/c theyre embarrased. whats theyre to be embarrased of if we don’t know who they are


    GOODy: alot


    goody: glich may come to cr.


    i totally agree with mih. eventhough i do it i dont think that i say anything to private and giving pple personal advice. dont u agreee with me?


    I really dont know if I agree or desagree but the truth of the matter, it is nice to chat with frum people about frum issues in a kosher way…and learn from each others experiences and give advice, it is a smart person the one that is always listening to advice, why not…I remember when I was first married I had an old lady living on the top floor all by herself, I used to visit her just to talk to her so she shouldnt be lonely. maybe we are making a mitzvah by not letting people be lonely….I mean it. I know of a case the wife was left alone and the husband working all day, she got lonely and left missionaries into her house, and believe me it was a tragedy..she had nobody to talk to… and the rest you can imagine, and I am talking about a young married girl.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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