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    Hello coffee room!

    Usually browse the board, but I thought I’d share my excitement. My mother’s mother’s mother (etc) is Jewish, but I wasn’t sure about all this until I visited an Orthodox synagogue today. I met two v nice Rabbis who are excited to help me learn to be observant, study Hebrew, and *cough* the more painful b(r)it. First shabbat this weekend! Really should have done this earlier seeing as I just graduated uni.


    Welcome! Great to hear such things. I hope you have a great shabbat!


    Welcome so much! (This is shopping613, i just dobt feel like signing out of my brotgers account and sighning into mine)

    usually we have a welcone comiteee….that well…ummm *cough* seems to be missing….tell me if you see him around, theres about 5 new other members to welcome! (Including my brother-prankster-123)

    But besides that! Relax, sit down, drink you coffee! We hope youll stay awhile!

    Shopping613 writing from my brothers account

    Oh Shreck!

    and this is me writing from my Oh Shreck! accout.

    Welcome Back, brother. Feel the excitement in re-connecting. Finding meaning in life. Living an observant Jewish, Torah life-style. Get some mentor you trust who can guide…

    And we’re here for you, to send a kind, thoughtful, supportive, uplifting word your way.

    We’re all rooting for you!!!

    Hava a good, FANTASTIC Shabbos!!


    Good morning & thanks! I’ll consider you my welcome comittee 🙂

    Shopping613 🌠

    Are you interesting in joining SUC

    (Yes im starting with that again, and no, im not going to stop…but you can always hope! (= ……..)


    Welcome!! Hope your Shabbos was amazing!!!


    Mazel tov. Hope your experience in transitioning into “the tribe,” will be inspirational and joyous.


    Thanks Shreck, mitzvahgirl, oomis, shopping. It was a really incredible experience, and surprisingly all that walking and eating was alot of work! I had no idea what I was doing at Shul, and made quite a few mistakes…

    Luckily everyone was really nice. Met SO many people, lots of young people, even a couple who walked most of the way home with me. I learned that Judaism is about community.

    Edit: Oh yeah, what is suc? I’ll join.


    It means that the Shopping list gets longer.


    Keenanp Welcome to the coffee room! I’m so glad you had a great shabbos may it be the first of many shabbosim for you.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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