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    NYC has over 1000 shootings before Labor Day, are we going back to to the days of Lindsey, Beame and Dinkins.


    Dear Common,

    Exactly!* ** *** ****

    *Except there has been as pandemic.

    ** And stay at home orders, with a major economic shutdown.

    ***Plus, racial tensions are being inflated to all time highs.

    ****And there has been on sports or theater, which is a major part of the city’s identity.

    But yeah, it is all about the mayor. When it comes to blame, NYC has a total population of one.


    Now you attack Lindsey. But he gave you community control, undercover cops dressed as Chassidim be and much much
    more . Beame was a shul goer. He davened in the Brooklyn Jewish Center with Rabbi Levinthal who was a son of Rav Levinthal from Philly.


    @Benephraim, You forgot to mention Dinkins first name was David and so was Dovid Hamelech


    “are we going back to to the days of Lindsey, Beame and Dinkins”


    Under Lindsay, annual homicides ranged from 746 to 1691.

    Under Beame, annual homicides ranged from 1554 to 1645.

    Under Koch, annual homicides ranged from 1504 to 1905.

    Under Dinkins, annual homicides peaked at 2245 in his first year and dropped to 1946 in his last year.

    Under Giuliani, annual homicides were 1561 in his first year and went down to 633 in his fifth year, then back up to 673 in his seventh year and then to 649 in his last year.

    Under Bloomberg, annual homicides went up and down during his first ten years, ranging from 471 to 597. In his eleventh year, homicides dropped to 414 to and then to 332 in his twelfth year.

    Under De Blasio, homicides ranged from 289 to 328 his first six years, the lowest homicide numbers since the 1950s when the city’s population was much lower. In this, his seventh year, the numbers project to about 386. Basically we aren’t even headed back to Bloomberg days.

    NYC is anything but out of control.


    Lindsay and Beame may have been nice people, but they were arguably the two worst mayors in NYC history. I posted the high homicide rates in another comment. But equally problematic was the “planned shrinkage” policy of deliberately cutting public safety services in poor neighborhoods such as the South Bronx and East Brooklyn, deliberately destroying those communities. One consequence was the complete and total destruction of the Jewish community in most of the Bronx. There are hundreds of former synagogue buildings, many of which had been orthodox, that are now churches. (A few were constructively repurposed; the former Hebrew Institute of University Heights — now the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale — is now a Boys and Girls Club; the Young Israel of the Concourse is now part of the Bronx Museum of the Arts although its earlier building is now a church.)


    @ Charlie Hall, The shul my grandfather was affiliated with [ near Bronx Lebanon Hospital] was sold on condition that it can not be use as a house of worship


    CH: as a statistician, you should be a lot smarter than your comment implies. The question wasn’t just one of raw numbers, but in which direction NYC is heading. I’d compare it to the COVID charts, with trends being a major indicator of what’s to come. And although it’s not a perfect analogy, when I look around, it seems crime is definitely infectious.

    I know it’s not statistically significant, but within several blocks of my house in Brooklyn, there have been at least two shooting sprees recently, literally days apart. And several glass storefronts were broken into. Roll-down gates will make a comeback if this continues.
    My only consolation is that we’ll get a conservative Mayor in a year or so, as the people will not take kindly to more of the same.

    It’s also not exactly accurate to compare murder rates from now to 40-60 years ago as I believe the survival rate from shootings has increased since.


    Dear Mammela,

    Conservative mayor in NYC? You are overstating things. But you can. Only statisticians are not allowed to overstate things.

    I think the city, as well as the country is at a crossroad for the future.


    CS -“NYC has over 1000 shootings before Labor Day, are we going back to to the days of Lindsey, Beame and Dinkins”

    Skip Beame. All his problems came from Lindsay!
    And you forgot Koch.

    But you’re 100% right.
    In spite of the Liberal Posts here – this is old News.

    From the Financial Times – Dated 7/2020:
    Title -“New Yorkers fear return of ‘bad old days’ after shootings surge –
    City is rattled by rising tide of violence following a long period of relative peace”

    “It has reawakened a fear — never far from the surface for longtime residents — of a return to the “bad old days” of the 1970s and 1980s, when crime and violence were rampant and neighbourhoods became “no-go” zones.
    The city’s success at taming that violence, beginning in the mid-1990s under Rudolph Giuliani as mayor, was not only a matter of life and death — many in the business community credit it with setting the stage for its economic resurgence.”


    “in which direction NYC is heading.”

    Compared to the same point last year:

    Homicides up 33.6%
    Rapes down 23.6%
    Robberies down 0.2%
    Felonious assaults down 3.2%
    Burglaries up 41.8%
    Grand larcenies down 20.2%
    Auto thefts up 60.4%
    Petty larcenies down 8.1%
    Misdemeanor assaults down 21.3%
    Other sex crimes down 27.6%

    So it is a mixed bag.


    “we’ll get a conservative Mayor in a year or so”

    We are more likely to get a nutty far leftist who really DOES want to de-fund police, unlike De Blasio. 🙁

    The main Republican candidate is Curtis Sliwa, an admitted fraudster. 🙁 🙁


    “It’s also not exactly accurate to compare murder rates from now to 40-60 years ago”

    This entire thread started with the OP doing just that. In any case, I didn’t compare rates, I compared numbers. The city has a much larger population today than in the 1970s. so De Blasio’s low homicide rates are even more impressive.


    “beginning in the mid-1990s under Rudolph Giuliani as mayor”

    Actually it began under Dinkins, as I pointed out earlier. He hired six thousand additional NYPD officers, most of whom will be retired shortly if they haven’t already.


    Oh Charlie, -“Actually it began under Dinkins, as I pointed out earlier. He hired six thousand additional NYPD officers”

    Maybe just hiring More cops is Not enough?!?

    So we should believe you because you know more than the Financial Times. Why because you have some sort of degree and you work for YU?!?
    E/O – Who believes Charlie over the Financial Times???


    150 Business leaders just sent a letter to Deblazio saying the city is a wreck and getting worse with a complete lack of leadership


    “Maybe just hiring More cops is Not enough?”

    Maybe not. He also hired Ray Kelly as NYPD Commissioner. 299 fewer homicides by the end of three years. That is a larger drop than Kelly would manage under Bloomberg.


    “Who believes Charlie over the Financial Times?”

    Did Financial Times present any actual data?


    I see my latest post didn’t go through. No time to repost that, but just noticed that Andrew Giuliani is considering a run for NYC Mayor. So maybe I’m not in dreamland after all…


    Oh Charlie, -“Did Financial Times present any actual data?”

    Why don’t you read the article?
    Obviously they had a Reason why they picked Giuliani and Not Dinkins!
    Why don’t you email them?

    I can think of a reason – Dinkins said after the car accident when a black kid got killled, & the Blacks were rioting, – Let them Vent.
    They vented and Frum Jew got killed!


    Dear Mammele,


    Thanks for sharing!

    I have no idea how much of a Republican he is.*

    Then again, it is hard to tell how much of a Republican anybody is these days.

    *Read as I know nothing about him.


    Dear Health,

    Do you trust your response or not?

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