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    The average life expectancy of old days is misleading. It is skewed by the very high infant mortality rate and women dying in childbirth. Factor those out and the life expectancy is about the same.

    Also, there has been a HUGE increase in vaccine rates from 1970, especially starting 1990 – AFTER congress removed LIABILITY from Pharmaceutical Industry. In 1970 the rate of NON-VERBAL Autism was 1:10,000. Today the rate of NON-VERBAL Autism is 1:150. The huge increase in Autism and diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, allergies, asthma etc in Children started in 1990 – when the CDC QUADRUPLED (4x) the Vaccine Schedule after Congress took away LIABILITY from Vaccines!

    Today we have the SICKEST Children in History – and for First Time in History Life Expectancy in USA is going DOWN:
    1:5 teens had episode of mental illness
    1:6 children are learning disabled
    1:6 children are allergic (can be FATAL)
    1:8 children have IBS
    1:10 children have ADHD
    1:13 children have asthma (can be FATAL)
    1:50 children have AUTISM and keeps increasing
    1:100 children have Epilepsy /Seizure Disorder
    1:250 children have Tourettes Syndrome
    1:400 children have Diabetes
    1:775 babies die of SIDS
    1:1,000 children have Celiac Disease
    1:5,560 children have CANCER
    432 Deaths following vaccines reported to VAERS (2016)
    ZERO deaths from Measles, Mumps or Chickenpox (in USA).



    before i go and spend time to research the 2 studies that you mentioned . I want to make sure . can you confirm that these 2 studies were long term Safety RCT studies of SALINE PLACEBO? otherwise it wouldn’t prove anything.

    please confirm

    (salk polio and Frequency of true adverse reactions to measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. A double-blind placebo-controlled trial in twins. Lancet. 1986 Apr 26;1(8487):939-42.)



    Are you just trying to throw arguments about the RCT and confuse people or you really thought that an RCT has been done in Finland.

    the finland study was a 3 week study (for the first 3 weeks the first of the twin got a vaccine and hte other a placebo (don’t know yet, what the placebo was) and by 3 weeks they changed it . that the one that got th eplacebo got now the vaccine and the one that got the vaccine now got the placebo.

    this is what you call a long term RCT ?

    can you explain to me why you feel that vaccines should be different than medicines? why for medicines everyone understand that you need long-term placebo study to know the risk while vaccines you can have studies that last only a few days or weeks?

    let me rephrase what i have written before.

    in order for 2 people that disagree to come to an agreement . we need to know

    1) what we both agree on
    2) what we disagree

    this way we can explain to each other the points on what we disagree.

    my opinon is that any medicine AND VACCINES that we know CAN cause side affects. the only way to determine the risks of the vaccine is by haveing a real Long-TERM RCT study of a REAL placebo.

    This is what is required for medicine and there is no reason why vaccines should be differtent . they both can help people and save people lives and they both have side affect . And we NEED TO KNOW THE BENEFITS VS. RISKS with ABSOLUTE numbers . not wild guessing games.

    Do you agree with the above statement?

    if yes, where is a LONG _TERM RCT “SAFETY” study? (not 3 weeks )

    please respond with real study and not throw me just studies that are not long-term or using a fake placebo…


    Wow, so we are going to go through this once again?

    The vaccine courts, I thought we laid that to rest. If the facts were not satisfactory, why then did you not say so back when we discussed this?

    Placebo studies, are we discussing the safety of vaccines or their effectiveness?

    Dooms (or Doooooooooms by pressing on the o button waaaaaaaaay to many times..!)

    What about the studies that we reviewed last time, the Japanese study, the one that you claimed that it showed an increase of autism when they vaccinated, when it took a few attempts until you finally realized that it showed an increase of autism when they stopped vaccinating?



    “Therefore, up to 99.9% of aluminum is not absorbed when ingested (through breastmilk or food), and is eliminated/removed from the body before it ever reaches the bloodstream”.

    Is this a fact because you typed this up, or because you found this on some lovely website?

    Also, The average aluminum found in soy-based formula amounts to about 117mg on average for the first 6 months.

    This is a fact for you:

    0.3% aluminum gets absorbed via the GI tract, the rest (95%-99.7%) via the kidneys through binding to transferrin and albumin.
    When the levels of aluminum are within the bodies excretory capacity, it is considered safe.



    “NO SAFE LIMIT of injection for aluminum has ever been scientifically determined.”

    That is incorrect, there are multiple studies about this, especially since there is so much aluminum in our daily diet, cosmetics, and natural environment. There are also specific studies that focus on aluminum in vaccines and infants, concluding that they are way below the level of placing any burden on the infant’s body.

    I believe that I have satisfied all of your claims.

    The claim (not like you wrote, ‘fact’) that only 10% does not get absorbed in the GI tract, that is incorrect, only 0.3% gets absorbed, the rest gets excreted through the kidneys.

    Second, there are limits as to when there is a burden on the body, that is when the rate of ingestion exceeds the rate of excretion, there are safety limits and the little aluminum that the vaccines contain are minuscule and do not place the body under any burden.

    Now that you have been exposed to simply pasting content from some website, we know that this will be a marathon, in which you will be spitting out these claims and just post stuff from radical websites. But the facts and the data still stand.



    ” as PhD Scientists have pointed out: It is the Philippines Study.”

    Once we are using the argument of authority, then open your eyes to the fact that almost every single authority is in support of vaccines.


    2cents: “Once we are using the argument of authority, then open your eyes to the fact that almost every single authority is in support of vaccines. ”

    Because authorities who speak out are persecuted. Nothing new, this has been going on for thousands of years. Ever hear of Galileo? A Scientist who was threatened with Burned Alive if he didn’t “recant” that the earth revolves around the sun (it does). Galileo refused and was imprisoned for life. All the other scientists knew that Galileo was Right but were SILENT. So much for “majority authorities”.


    “Because authorities who speak out are persecuted. ”
    This is why arguing with you people is futile. You will never be convinced. You believe that the gov would “persecute” people who disagree with them because they want to get some money from the pharmacutical companies. Answer this, why are there tens (if not hundreds) of medications that fail to get FDA approval every year? Why didn’t the company just pay them off and get their new drug approved?


    Re: “Most Authorities” argument. Any “Authority” who goes against the establishment risks his livelihood.

    Upton Sinclair — ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.’ Upton Sinclair was a famous writer who exposed corporate and government corruption.


    ” You can’t deny the fact that there are thousands of children that right after they get vaccines something happens to them. (seisures, autisim, SIDS.. )”

    So why has the rates of SIDS dropped even as the number of vaccines increased?



    “well doomsday already pointed out that 85 kids cannot be considered a control trial. are you disagreeing with that?”

    Of course!
    rule of thumb: If dooms says it is wrong I love his first ” Critique” “Only 85 Vaxxed kids which is Waaaaaaaaaaaay too small to show any autism which has a rate of 2%.” I’ll let you crunch the numbersNumbers 2-4 He already said before and they were wrong the first time he said it , as was explained then (on the original dooms thread) and they are wrong today.
    I especially love using Gallileo to prove that scientists lie

    “the other studies you mentioned I will have to look into it . you ddin’t mention it before”

    I thought you researched this subject already?

    “before i go and spend time to research the 2 studies that you mentioned . I want to make sure . can you confirm that these 2 studies were long term Safety RCT studies of SALINE PLACEBO? otherwise it wouldn’t prove anything.”

    It wont prove anything because your mind is made up. If they were done for 20 years you would want 40, if 40 you would want 80. If autisim, you would want allergies,. You stated deffinitly no such studies were done ” Some vaccines monitored just for a few days.. no vaccine ever had a real placebo” you couldnt even be bothered to google that stament which would have yielded plenty of other vaccines tested against placebo (HPV comes to mind)

    So no I have no interest in “confirming” anything for you. The studies are there, if you dont like them becasue the the stud has too many vowels then their are others.

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