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    Starting tomorrow, Democrats in New York will make life for people even more difficult because of their crazy ideas about the environment. It’s not enough that a family has to pay state, city, and sales tax. Now they have to pay a bag tax. They’re punishing people for the way they choose to shop. This is just one more reason to leave this state. Of course liberal states will follow New York because liberalism is a mental disorder. Time to move to Texas or Florida.

    Little Froggie

    They’re call environ Mental ists for a reason.

    Oh, and if you meet up with one of those crazies you could send them regards from the globe called Brooklyn. It’s not sinking, last I checked. Here to stay for as long as HaShem wills it. They can come live here from all those remote areas of their “globe” they claim is going under — “within 12 years!!”


    LF, since when are you a Flat Earther?


    When I was working in a fruit store in the late 70’s – early 80’s, everyone started using one-size-fits-all plastic bags, while we were still using 5 different sized paper bags. They were a little cheaper, but we had to keep five different sizes. Later on, we went along with the trend, and started using the plastic shopping bags. Now, it is swinging back to yesteryear.


    People have been fleeing New York for years. If you are a boomer, you might remember when New York had the largest population – now it is number 4. Whereas once “out of town” meant a city with only “modern” shuls that were at best borderline Orthodox, and a mikva – today “out of town” means diverse frum shuls, kollels, restaurants and kosher grocery stores.


    LOL. Big cities in Texas had bag laws years ago. And both Texas and Florida have higher violent crime rates and higher property taxes than New York City.


    New York City’s population has been growing and it still has more than twice the population of the second largest city in the US. (Los Angeles)


    “LOL. Big cities in Texas had bag laws years ago.”
    And the Texas Supreme court ruled that cities can’t do that and the bans were lifted.

    “And both Texas and Florida have higher violent crime rates and higher property taxes than New York City.”
    So why are people leaving NY in record numbers and going to Florida and Texas?


    WB Dr. Charlie Hall!


    akuperma: NYC still has the largest population in the US from all American cities. And NYC’s population has been consistently expanding over the last 20+ years.


    “So why are people leaving NY in record numbers and going to Florida and Texas?”


    Great question! The total tax burden (property, income and sales as a percentage of personal income) by state is 13% for New York, 8% for Texas and 6.5% for Florida. NYC needs lots of suckers in order to survive so let them enjoy forking over all their money in the wasted hope of keeping their lovely city safe and clean.


    NY followed my state of CT which has had this since last July.
    Easy adjustments
    Cleaner streets and byways
    Our local supermarket even gives a 2 cent per bag credit for each bag the customer provides.

    You just like to complain


    There are many reasons besides politics to move out of town.

    Pro schnapps

    I have been saying for years. It is time for us to leave new york. This place is crazy ville. Yes we have to have hakaros hatov for living here for many years but now its time for us to be smart and notice the foreboding handwriting on the wall. Its time to leave. Florida texas tennessee whatever it is. Lets just go. Or of course yerushalayim!!!!!!!
    Also today they are coming after out bags tomorrow chas vshalom they will come after worse things. U think it ends with this??? No. Ymach shimom.

    Amil Zola

    The sky is not falling people.


    No the sky is not falling, but after you pay rent/mortgage in New York your bank account stays pretty low…..


    CTLawyer, is their data showing that banning plastic bags lead to “Cleaner streets and byways?”

    “The sky is not falling people”
    It speaks volumes when the government cares more about bail reform and banning plastic bags than the quality of life of its citizens. Crime is up, the MTA is a disaster, homelessness is rising, and DeBlasio only seems to care about giving his wife tens of millions of dollars for a mental health program that has yielded no results. Many people feel that the City is on track to be like how things were in the 1980’s. What indication do you have that things are going well in NYC?


    People move out of New York (at least the NYC area) because housing is so expensive. My daughter and her husband were paying considerably more to rent a one-bedroom apartment in a middle-class Long Island town than their mortgage payment for a large house in the Sun Belt. There’s no way they could afford to buy a house in the NY area. Neither taxes nor plastic bags were major factors in their decision.

    pro geshmake yidden

    I agree with all of you
    Today I was doin’ some shoppin’ (I’m startin’ to sound like a new yorka) in one of Brooklyns famous 99 cents stores and the proprietor behind the counter told me the city is giving us one more month of plastic bags so we can adjust
    Does a yid adjust to nonsense?? No. A you looks himself in the eye and says not only will I not help save whales but I won’t even help save sharks

    Sam Klein

    Perhaps ever thought of leaving NY and maybe it’s time to make Aliya.? Time to move on to the full real life with Hashem and away from this distracted tempo physical world filled with so much distractions that totally remove a person from accomplishing his/her real mission in life which is the real importance and what really counts.

    Maybe you should think about it.

    May Hashem help you make the right decision in life.


    Come live in Israel, your one and only true home.

    catch yourself

    @ Pro Schnapps
    “Also today they are coming after out bags tomorrow chas vshalom they will come after worse things. U think it ends with this??? No. Ymach shimom.”

    I totally agree. It’s a very slippery slope from plastic bags to Milah, Torah, Shabbos, and Rosh Chodesh. This is clearly a Hellenistic decree designed to force us into total assimilation, and we should risk our lives to battle against it. Let’s go to war against the NYS National Guard over the Kedushas Minhag Plastic Bags!


    CTLAWYER – do you realize that stores do not give us bags for free? The cost of the bag (paper or plastic) included in the cost of anything we buy in the store. When stores will no longer give plastic bags, the cost of the food or any other product will not get down; prices will be the same as before. So, the cost of anything we will buy will include the cost of the bag (but no bag will be given) + if we want to have a bag, we will pay for it. It means we will pay for the same bag twice.
    2 cense your store paying you back are belong to you, because it included in the price of everything you bought. Store owner does not make you a favor, store owner just trying to be honest


    I agree 100% with the poster that are advocating making aliya especially for those considering finally getting out of NY.
    However for those unfortunate souls who have decided that it is not feasible to go home just yet, there are many reasons to consider moving “out of town” other than bag laws and taxes.
    Housing prices is the biggest, but this has a snowball effect on many other major expenses.

    Higher housing prices mean you need to pay teachers in yeshivas more to afford living there. This translates into higher tuitions.

    Higher standard of living: How many houses in your “in town” neighborhoods have not been remodeled in the last 15 years? The gadgets, clothes your kids want etc.

    The jewish stores in NY needs to keep up with a higher standard of living (and property rental) and hence charge higher prices. Did you ever compare the prices of clothing in Jewish stores vs. non-Jewish stores? Shoprite vs. Pomegranate?

    The atmosphere “in town” is more tense and high pressured due to traffic, parking, income rat race etc. More judgemental. More stress (just to make a living).

    Do a calculation in the minimum family income necessary to get by in NY vs. OOT and you will see that just like you can’t compare a dollar in 1920 to 2020 you also need to adjust a NY dollar vs. an OOT dollar. Higher salaries also require higher income tax, less eligibility to low-middle income programs etc.

    The main thing holding back most people is the psychological barrier of thinking the world ends at the Verrazano bridge.

    Amil Zola

    “No the sky is not falling, but after you pay rent/mortgage in New York your bank account stays pretty low…..” We all have choices, even about where we live. I was the first of my family to leave the tri state Jewniverse decades ago. You can choose to face the financial challenges of living in the NY/NJ metro area or face the inconvenience of having to order your meat 3x a year and manage without the convenience of a kosher store on every corner. Of course those inconveniences balance out when the average home price in your area is $250k, car registration is $60per year, lower insurance rates (home, health and motor vehicle) and you have job skills/degree that simplifies a job search.

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