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    My friend who is getting married soon asked me to make her a cookbook with alot of nice and easy to make recipies, especially ones that she can use for suppers. So if anyone has any ideas – good recipes and meal plans (what can go with what, what tastes good together etc…) please do share!! Thank you!!


    very very easy

    very very good

    since youll be using chicken left over from Shabbos, no seasoning is necessary.

    fry some onions until a little brown (suggest using a small amount of canola oil)

    add small pieces of leftover chicken

    fry for a few more minutes, stirring a few times to get the onion flavor into the chicken.


    if you want to be a little more fancy

    add some cut up scallions (green onions) near the end, so they dont cook too long, for a little extra taste and color.



    couldnt be easier

    make scrambled eggs and season however you normally do

    but add a little garlic powder to the eggs before cooking



    Put (up to 10) chicken parts in a roasting pan, sprinkle with onion soup mix, minced garlic, a jar of duck sauce and lots of cinnamon. Cover and bake at 350 until fork-tender then uncover, shut the heat, and let the chicken brown in the residual heat (very energy-conscious). This looks like it took a long time to potchkeh with it, but ti is so simple a child could put it together. Decorate the chicken paltter with chunks of pineapple or sliced oranges, and serve with white basmati rice or white and wild rice, with craisins.


    LOL! (literally)

    Buy pizza,



    Try this:

    4 Chicken Bottoms


    3 T. Apricot Jam

    3 T. Ketchup

    3 T. Lemon Juice

    1 Packet Onion Soup Mix

    Boil sauce ingredients till gravy-like. Place chicken bottoms in Pyrex dish. Pour sauce over it. Bake covered @ 450 for 1 3/4 hours and uncovered for an additional 15 minutes.

    Positively delicious.

    Goes with practically anything!


    Newlywed, have you ever tried this with cutlets? Sounds yummy.


    tell her that she shoudnt be worried , im sure she will be invited out allot


    make sure you check out some of the other topics in ‘kosher cooking’. there are a few that might be helpful


    why won’t you buy her a good easy cookbook instead? I recommend the spice and spirit lubavitch cookbook. She will thank you!


    No I haven’t since I don’t like to bake cutlets- I find that it ends u pbeing pretty dry. If I would use cutlets I’d do it in a pot on the flame rather as it doesn’t need that much time that way.


    shindy – the spice and spirit cookbook is the best thing ever!! They have all your basic “Jewish” recipes that I usually start with. Some are awesome right off the bat and some are good bases for fancifying. I love, love, love that cookbook. My mother uses her always also!!


    “No I haven’t since I don’t like to bake cutlets- I find that it ends u pbeing pretty dry. If I would use cutlets I’d do it in a pot on the flame rather as it doesn’t need that much time that way.”

    Posted 2 hours ago #

    The trick with cutlets is to slightly underbake them. I have never had a problem with them being too dry. Meat continues to cook after the heat is turned off, as the internal temp of the food rises for a while, then drops. If you cook them in a sauce, it will help keep it moist, also.


    I was told that this recipe was once posted in the coffee room , but I cant find it – its with chicken cutlets and you marinate it with crushed honey glazed almonds, and teriyakee sauce with cranberry sauce – anyone knows of exact ingredients/ recipe? I need it for supper tonight and Im leaving work soon …. so if you can help me out I would appreciate it!


    Honey nut crusted chicken-

    Chicken cutlets, preferably thin

    1/4 C teriyaki sauce, plus more for brushing

    2 Tbs cranberry/red-currant/ cherry jelly

    one six ounce container honey-glazed almonds

    salt and pepper

    Crush honey-glazed almonds, by hand or in blender. Add the 1/4 C teriyaki sauce and cranberry jelly. Mix or blend.

    Salt and pepper both sides of cutlet. Brush with a bit of teriyaki sauce. Press the sauce-nut mixture onto the top of each cutlet, and bake at 350 for 6 minutes (that is what the recipe says but it needs longer, not sure how long).

    Do NOT overbake.

    It’s really awesome.


    don’t forget to add a chulent recipe to your cookbook!!!! guys can’t survive without it(for her hubby that is)!!!


    Delicious curry chicken

    10 chicken pieces

    2 eggs (for dipping chicken)

    cornflakes crumbs for coating


    1/2 cup sugar

    2-3 Tb lemon juice

    1/4 tsp curry powder

    remove skin, dip in eggs, than place cornflakes in a plastic bag, put chickens in one at time and shake till it’s fully crumbed.

    place on tray, drizzle curry topping over chicken.

    place in oven on 350 deg. cover with foil for 45min, uncover for 45 min.

    bon appetite!!


    Hi does anyone else have easy yumm recipies.. I don’t know how to cook but I’m trying to learn I get reallllly dissapointed when stuff comes out bad…any ideas???


    wow, these all sound great.$

    A. Nuran

    Get a copy of Claudia Roden’s The Book of Jewish Food. It has everything from simple to elaborate. So far they’re all delicious, except for the stuffed spleen which must be an acquired taste. And the education in Jewish history and culture is worth the cover price alone.


    I posted this on a diff thread but here it is again:

    Heres a great recipe, made it tonight. It’s a family fav.

    Its kinda like chinese style chicken and vegetables.

    You’ll need:

    -2 peppers

    -2 onion

    -bag of frozen mixed veggies

    -chicken cutlets

    -a little bit of oil

    -onion soup mix


    Ok first sautee the onions in the oil. When their done add the other veggies. Cut up the cutlets into bite size peices and add to the pan. Sprinkle 2 Table spoons of onion soup mix on top and mix all together. When it starts to thicken you might need to add a little water. Add as much water is need so it shouldnt burn. It takes around 15-20 minutes to cook by just stirring and leaving it sit (depending on how much you make. I make a lot so it takes longer to cook.) Enjoy!

    ps. To make a healthy version just sautee the veggies in pam instead of oil. Still has the same great taste but less calories.


    zimby: sounds yummy!!! welcome back!!! long time no see!!!


    Welcome back? Thanks but I’m always here. I’m more of a reader then poster.


    This one is also really easy and is a change from all cutlet recipes:

    Sweet and Sour Meatballs:

    1 lb ground beef

    1/4 to 1/2 cup flour or cornflakes crumbs

    1 egg


    1 bottle gingerale

    1 bottle ketchup

    1/2 cup brown sugar ( or regular)

    ( you can cut down on sugar if gingerale is sweet enough for you but the brown sugar does add a certain flavor)

    1/2 cup lemon juice or vinegar( optional)

    bring to boil all sauce ingredients in a large pot and then mix the beef, egg and flour and form small balls and drop them into the pot and let cook for an hour.

    SIMPLE AS THAT!! and they are delicious!!!


    ames: that does sound DELICIOUS!!! i’m hungry & want some now!!!


    Heres a twist on cutlets because sometimes they get boring. Instead of dipping them in egg dip them in duck sauce. Then put them in a greased pan, cover with bread or cornflake crumbs and bake for 45 minutes on 325-350 degrees. Simple and delish.


    Ames, ther ice sounds wonderful. I love sweet rice. It probably would work well with Jasmine (basmati or kasmati) rice, too. Have you ever made a risotto?


    Bake cutlets at 325, 350 but not higher, as opposed to whole pieces which won’t dry out in the low 400s.


    zimby: we make duck sauce chkn cutlets all the time! sometimes i change it up with spicy duck sauce , or with honey mustard. and i vary the crumbs, cornflake, bread, panko, crushed pretzels, crushed bisli, or falafel mixu should all check out the mashed potato thread cause its yummo with chkn cutlets!


    zimby, we make duck sauce cutelets quiet often too bec theyre quick and easy but sometimes to fancy up we wrap them around a peice of pastrami (in israel i kno ppl who do with salami) then stick a toothpick thru it to hold it together and pour the duck sauce over that and then bake! i always add a drop of garlic and salt bec i like spicy!

    and if you want to do more you can dip and breadcrumb the cutlets frist but totally not necesary!


    I’m getting hungry. I gotta try those other options sometime!


    Here is what I did for dinner last night:

    1 lb of beef stew

    2 bags of frozen mixed veggies (broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and I don’t remember what else. It was one of those random pre-mixes)

    2 cans of tomato sauce

    1 cup of salsa

    Brown the meat for a few minutes. Dump all the ingredients in the pot. Let it stew on a medium flame for an hour.

    Serve over a bed of rice and you have a well balanced meal. And only a pot and spoon to wash!

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